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    Saturday, November 22, 2003

    Added story: The Project 

    The full text of the story "The Project" is now up for your reading pleasure. The link is here as well as up in the list of stories on the top right hand side of this site.

    As always, please let me know what you think. I want feedback, even if it's negative. Either leave a message on the tag board on the top left side of this site, or e-mail me.

    Thanks! :)

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    Friday, November 21, 2003

    Ooo! I can spell check! 

    Look look! There's a neat little button right up there in the row of pictures that indicates a spell checker! *big grin* This should really help me in posting. :)


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    Do You Like? 

    I decided years ago on a pen name for if I ever actually got a story published:

    Jennifer Michelle

    Does it sound like it works?
    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @6:37 PM
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    Story Key 

    I figured that the first thing I should do here is figure out what all stories I might be blogging bits and pieces of here, and write out a key for the post titles I'll be using. I'll probably put this up at the top of the blog for easy reference too. Okay, here we go:

    The End - Memorial Tribute: Atomic war from the perspective of the innocent victims
    My first, and only, published story. My high school's Literary Magazine published it, and I was so thrilled that I found the courage to attempt real story writing afterwards. This is also my darkest piece, as I wrote it during my first bout with depression (at least, the first bout I remember having that lasted longer than one good cry).

    The Unending Story - The telepathic alien story.
    My first completed (heh) story. Never officially named, this was nick-named by a good friend of mine a long time ago because I just kept writing more after the first section was completed for a school assignment, but couldn't ever seem to end it. My teacher loved the completed short story that started this so much that she actually wrote "Publish!" on it. After that, I had the confidence to actually write stories.

    Flight - Averial and Dragon friendship story
    Based on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons second edition. I wrote this after finding out that a winged elf existed in the D&D world, and wanting to play one but not being allowed to. It was also my second attempt at a full blown story, but after having problems in the third chapter not being able to get the characters to do what I wanted them to, I couldn't figure out what to do and ending up just stopping. An author came to speak at my High School shortly thereafter, and I asked if he'd ever had the problem of characters not doing what you want them to (some of the students looked at me weird, and I could just hear them saying "you're the writer, you can make them do whatever you want." But that's just not the case. Characters have a life of their own, or should if they're to feel real, and as the writer I can't arbitrarily write against their character. Actually, as the author, I just write what they say and do.). He said "Yes." Heh, I had to ask "What do you do about it?" to try and get a solution out of him. But he pretty much said there's nothing that can be done without going against the characters, though one option he'd been able to use was to bring in another character to do what you wanted that the characters wouldn't. Unfortunately in this story, it isn't really possible to bring in a new character to go off and save the baby Averial without it becoming a story about someone else!

    The Project - The near future story where a computer virus threatens the world's super-internet based lifestyle
    Second "completed" story. I can't remember if it was for a school assignment or just for me, but I remember being devastated when the writing professor I brought it to for critiquing told me it would make a great child's story. I stopped writing for a while after that. Until...

    What's At S.T.E.A.K. - The future set space race to Save The Endangered Animal Kingdom
    Third "completed" story. Another school assignment, I was actually cutting stuff out, widening margins, minimizing text size and line spacing, and doing all those other tricks that we students learned in high school in reverse in an attempt to stay within the 20 page limit. This one has the most potential for spin offs and prequels as well as continuation. I've even already figured out the opening sequence/credits should this ever become a movie or TV show, which is set to "Sandstorm" by Derude, and mostly figured out how part of the last scene goes when set to "In The End" by Lincoln Park (sp?). Part of the reason it was so long is that I had actually been working on different parts of what came to be the overall idea for months before I began writing it. I had come up with a whole rank, command, department structure at one point just because. I already had been thinking of and working out the self-sustaining colony idea. Etc. So I had a LOT of details going into the writing of the story.

    Faith Winterfields - The life of a commoner in 13th century England story
    Originally a character history for a Hero game that actually never got started, it turned into a story as I really got into writing it. I spent extra time acting out scenes to get them right, kept particular track of ages of the characters, and tried to figure out what sounded believable to be as true to the way life was lived in the setting I chose while going for that adventurer theme.

    Sisters - The story of a Starfleet officer, her mercenary twin, and their discovery of a lost younger sister
    I can't remember if this one sprang to life before or after the Unending Story, but I think it was before. I never actually wrote it out, though I think part of it I did so I wouldn't forget, but I haven't found it yet if I did. This story I acted out for months (maybe?) in my bedroom in evenings and on weekends, replaying, changing and perfecting scenes. It was the first exploring into my duality-type personality I believe I've done, though it was unintentional exploration at the time. I had a lot of fun with this, and this unwritten story I carried with me ever since then was the basis for the characters Priscilla Myst and Victoria Concord. Unfortunately, now that I've decided to try and actually write it I'm finding out how much I've actually forgotten... :(


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