Bart: *taps you on the nose IC*
Angel: *blinks, head pulls back slight* What was that for?
Bart: hey cutie...*Bart stand there with books underarm*
Bart: someone has a Spanish exam to be studying for.
Angel: *rolls her eyes, but her mouth twitches into a smile*
Angel: Come to help me study?
Bart: Of course, I have a vested interest in you passing your clases
Angel: Oh?
Angel: *mock 'what do you mean' in her voice*
Bart: *looks around* yeah...good grades equal you staying and having lots of free time. Bad grades mean more school, posible leaving, misery and I die of a broken heart
Angel: Awwwww.
Angel: *takes his hand* Well then I guess I have to study. At least my tutor is cute, *grins*
Bart: *Chuckles and blushes* so you just have to pass. *looks to her* so is the student. No Yuki today?
Angel: *looks confused at his question* Huh?
Bart: *he gestures to the empty side of the room* Itslike8atnightandthereisnosignofyourimplaceableroomie.
Angel: *shrugs* Yeah, but it's Only 8! Though... hm, she does keep earlier hours than me. *looks slying at Bart* Perhaps she's just giving us some privacy.
Angel: *slyly
Bart: oooooooooooooooh....
Bart: so lets get some study under our belts then we can do other stuff. *sets books on her bed*
Angel: *sighs lighly* Oh, alright
Angel: *lightly
Bart: *he smirks a bit and leans in to steal a kiss*
Angel: *Leans back with a semi-stern look* No no, *she scolds with a waving finger* "so lets get some study under our belts then we can do other stuff." she mocks
Bart: cool
Bart: *he plops down and opens teh books, starting to go over the class notes*
Bart: Is there anything that is really getting to you in this class?
Angel: *makes that Uh! breathy sound, and looks at him*
Bart: wha?!
Angel: *shakes her head* Geez! I was kidding!
Angel: *mutters* Boys can be so dense
Bart: *he laughs and wraps her up in his arms laying her back and kissing her*
Angel: *goes with it, lol*
Bart: *the making out lasts some time till there is noise outside the door*
Bart: *Bart pauses, nose to nose with her* Ummm, *licks his lips* we need to study at some point, you know
Angel: Yes *gives a quick kiss* But the beauty about some point, is that it exists later
Angel: *smiles*
Bart: *pupils a little bit wider than normal, nothng bad, just focues on her, his long bangs kinda framing his face*
Bart: Nada en el mundo tan bonita como tu eres en este momento.
Angel: *Angel sighs* And you're going to make me figure out what exactly that would be.
Bart: *nods, smiling* But you will kiss me for it later.
Angel: *she puts her arm around his shoulder to pull herself up* We'll see about that
Angel: *she tries to supress a smile, and only mostly succeeds*
Bart: *he grins and tosses her notebook at her*
Angel: *catches it, and they start to work*