IM with Diedre

Angel: Hey
Diedre: hihi :)
Angel: *sighs*
Diedre: whats wrong? :(
Angel: Yuki
Diedre: What happened?
Angel: Her Dad just showed up.
Diedre: is she ok?
Diedre: ACK! !!!
Diedre: Is he angry??
Angel: And brought her two best friends from Japan.
Diedre: oh...
Diedre: that's good, right?
Angel: No, he's happy with her.
Angel: *shrugs* I guess it's good
Angel: for her
Diedre: Is that what the yelling was in the hall? Really loud :(
Diedre: Wait....
Diedre: she still wants to hang out with us right?
Angel: Doesn't seem like it
Angel: Didn't even introduce me
Angel: :(
Diedre: :(:(:(
Diedre: are they special too?
Angel: *shakes head*
Angel: Not that I'm aware of at least.
Diedre: but she's OUR friend :(
Angel: Her Dad said he brought them for a visit because he won't bring the Lt. but he wants her to be happy.
Angel: That's what I thought
Diedre: I can't beleive she'd do that.
Angel: :( :(
Diedre: this is wicked not cool
Angel: I thought she was *my* best friend
Diedre: :'(
Angel: I've never had a girl bf before
Diedre: you still have me & Veronica!
Diedre: I know its not the same :(
Angel: *shrugs* It's good to know I still have friends here
Diedre: always & forever
Diedre: I know
Diedre: we should make like a secret society
Angel: Secret Society?
Diedre: special. just for us. Like a club
Angel: Oh, hm
Diedre: yeah! It would be coool. We could make a pledge and come up with a cool design and everything
Angel: hehe, that does sound like fun
Diedre: *nodnodnod* and we can share being leaders so no one is always in charge or something. and we could have super secret meetings too
Angel: Oooo, we could be like... a Fellowship!
Diedre: YES! The Fellowship of ... of...
Angel: Hmm
Diedre: the Faries!
Angel: Lol
Diedre: or
Angel: I dunno, something more... mysterious I think would be better
Diedre: like what?
Angel: Um...
Angel: The Fellowship of...
Diedre: ...
Angel: The Lost Girls?
Diedre: Yeah!
Angel: :)
Diedre: So whats gonna be our vow?
Angel: Hmm...
Angel: I don't know
Diedre: well, defiantly freinds forever!
Angel: :)
Diedre: um
Diedre: and its secret, right?
Angel: Right'
Angel: Oh...
Diedre: and um. who else are we gonna invite?
Diedre: what?
Angel: um, I have to go. Professor X is calling
Diedre: :(
Diedre: come by sooN!
Diedre: good luck
Angel: ttyl!
Diedre: ttyl :-D