Movie Incident

Diedre: So, the lounge?
Angel: Hmm, don't think Angel would be going to the lounge just yet
Diedre: hrm, ok, we can go to angels room then
Diedre: Silence would be hunting her down and shadowing her
Angel: lol
Angel: Yuki said she's hovering and acting all protective of her roommate
Diedre: heehee OK
Angel: Nice to know ANgel's got good friends though ;)
Diedre: *G* so... ICLY We can have it Yuki just left to get food and its Silence's turn to shadow
Angel: *nod*
Angel: What does ICLY?
Angel: mean?
Diedre: (In character Like)
Angel: Ohhh, coolio
Angel: SO
Angel: Angel will probably be sitting in front of her computer half-heartedly pokling at keys with one hand
Angel: *poking
Diedre: *Angel wouldn't hear the tapping, as its silenet around Diedre... but she may hear the difference in the air as her door is opened timidly*
Angel: *Angel half looks over and waves slightly*
Diedre: *she waves back quietly... clearly asking if she can sit down*
Angel: *She nods*
Diedre: *she sits down, timid as always... offering out her stuffed unicorn for her*
Angel: *shakes her head a little, then shows that she's holding the tinkerbell Yuki made for her in her unsed hand*
Angel: Signs Thanks, but that's okay
Diedre: *She smiles big seeing the stuffed animal and nods quickly, settling the unicorn down carefullym signing* how is he
Angel: *she looks sad for a moment, then sighs*  The same
Diedre: *She bites her lip hard* *signs* does jean know anything?
Angel: *shrugs*  I haven't asked.
Angel: *looks a bit thoughtful, then looks back at the computer screen*  She's been around me more than him I think.
Diedre: *signs* You're sick too.. but not in the same way...
Angel: *no responce.  The computer beeps in a negitive way, Angel hits a couple keys*
Diedre: *She frowns worriedly and signs again* but you can be fixed by friends. I hope.
Angel: *she shrugs again*
Angel: It hurts to think about it
Angel: *she says finally*
Diedre: *She bites her lip again. lucky it dosn't bleed from her worrying* *signs* alot of things hurt to think about.. but we still have to
Angel: *shakes her head*
Diedre: *she nods her head quickly yes*
Angel: *shakes her head again, stronger*  No. 
Diedre: *She takes a deep breath in and out. it would be a huff if it wasn't silent, finally signing* what happened?
Angel: I want it to go away, like a bad dream.  That's all it was... had to be.  *she bits her lower lip for a moment*  Except Bart...
Diedre: *signs* he's still hurt. we have to help him
Angel: *she looks at Diedre, then looks up at nothing*  It... there was this freaky... creature thing.  He, kept changing things.  Kept hurting us.
Diedre: *Signs* what did bart do?
Angel: *she puts a hand to her head and closes her eyes.  After taking a deep breath, and then another, she opens them again*  I don't fully know.  He, broke through between wherever we were and Earth, gave us a way to get out
Angel: We were apart for a little while, just before then, I don't know what happened to him
Diedre: *she reaches out to hold Angels hand when she seems to have difficulty with the story*
Angel: *she looks like she's about to cry when she says:* They made him a puppet.  It was hurting him, and I didn't know what to do
Diedre: *She squeeses her hands hard and establishes a mind link so they can talk easier* He will be okay, Jean and hank.. they'll know what to do
Angel: Everyone else had been knocked out, or worse.  I couldn't get out of the enegry binds
Angel: I couldn't DO anything... I tried... not for anyone
Diedre: "who would attack you guys"?
Angel: The creature... he, he took Artic out of the theatre, and was staging a battle and making children watch while people were killed
Angel: Tommy followed, then Veronica and the rest of us
Angel: We were doing well, until the creature called this female with multiple arms... and magic, it must have been@
Angel: !
Diedre: *her eyes widen as she's told the story*
Angel: *she shakes her head and closes her eyes again, squeezing them tight as if trying to not see something*
Angel: Laser kept fighting, but even he was driven to one knee and dazed.  The creatue gave me an option, he'd keep her from killing them all if I agreed to tell him stuff, answer questions
Diedre: *in her mind* Oh Angel I am so sorry...
Angel: We were all hurt, they were all lying, out cold,e xcept Laser
Diedre: "then what happened?"
Angel: Then, he... I don't ever really know...
Angel: *even
Angel: I just asked who I was supposed to be talking to, and he...
Angel: *he looks up*
Angel: *she
Diedre: *listening with rapt attention,waiting for the next part, perhaps*
Angel: Um, I think, oh I don't even know, it had to have been over millions of people- creatures, places I saw, all at once.
Diedre: *her lips part in suprise.... * "how"
Angel: *he barely whispers*  I don't know...
Angel: *she puts her hand to her forehead again* It hurts
Diedre: *She hugs her tightly, quickly, as if she was scared for her*
Angel: *She holds tightly too.  After a minute she collects herself, and goes on*  He wanted me to tell about me, so I tried, and then he asked what about the drama in my life, and brought in Bart, like a puppet...
Diedre: *she claps her hands over her mouth, at the injustice of it all*
Angel: *she swollows*  And then he put us in the last scene from Sleeping Beauty
Angel: And was making Bart talk
Angel: And then.. it just got wierder
Angel: I *think* we were in commercials?
Diedre: *Shebites her lip thinking back to the scene. nodding... a tilted head at that*
Angel: *looks confused*
Diedre: "which commercials?"
Angel: *shrugs and gestures a bit wildly*  I don't know!
Angel: Next thing I know, we're on an island, dressed like those people on Survivor.  Then... I don't remember.  But Yuki was taken away.  And Bart was getting very sick, and needed food but the fish were too large *she's crealy rambling*
Angel: *clearly
Angel: And then there were giant insects, and water, and we couldn't go anywhere, and Laser was trying to kill them but more just kept coming, so I figured there was nothing really to do but just let them try to get through to me if they really wanted. 
Diedre: *that just gets a strange look at the survivor part... * "what did you tell them?"
Angel: Laser did the same thing.  So we sat together and decided to play tic-tac-toe while they swarmed, then we played rock-paper-scissors which was much mroe fun
Angel: *more
Diedre: *She smiles, weakly at that*
Angel: But then Bart showed up again, and just hit Laser out of the blue, and suddenly all three of the guys started acting wierd.  Bart thought I was flirting with Laser, and Laser called me Sweetie...
Angel: ANd the new guy started calling Bart bad things
Diedre: *She blinks rapidly and makes the "laser" quote with questionmarks*
Angel: EVERYONE was trying to mess with my head!
Diedre: *She frowns, darkly*
Angel: *she calms a bit, then nods*
Angel: I got angry.  Twice.  Then I wasn't anymore
Diedre: *she motions for her to contuniue*
Angel: I couldn't think, not what to do, not anything.   There really wasn't anything TO do.  The creatue could just do whatever he wanted, like a Marauder.  You can't fight that.
Diedre: *She bites her lip hard* "I wouldn't know what to do either. what DID you guys end up doing"
Angel: *she mumbles* A Marauder with paradox immunity
Angel: *she shrugged*  I played rock-paper-scissors.  No one seemed to bother us while we did that
Diedre: *She smiles sweetly at that* "good"
Angel: (Amend: the above should have said: *she shrugged*  After Bart was taken away, I played rock-paper-scissors.  No one seemed to bother us while we did that.
Diedre: ((Gotcha0)

Angel: Except that second time I got angry, 'cause the new guy interrupted us
Angel: *shrugs*  At some point we were back in the arena, and there was an explosion, and we were attacking the creature.  So I did too.  Then Bart showed back up
Angel: Then we were back in the theater
Diedre: *this is clearly sort of confusing her, but she wants to hear the whole story*
Angel: And the movie's credits were rolling... *frowns, then shrugs again and turns bakc to the computer.  Diedre can see tears in her eyes and on her cheek though*
Diedre: *She moves to hug her again, hiding her face against her neck, trying to comfort her*
Angel: *lets Diedre hug her,  puts one arm around her lightly and continues to work partially on the computer*
Diedre: *a glance at whatever she's working on*
Angel: *One program is open and holds a file in the center with a bunch of code.  There is also a browser window open with an online game running, which Angel appears to be loosing at, very badly*
Diedre: What are you playing?
Angel: *she shrugs* 
Angel: Some rp game
Diedre: "why?" *She seems curious*
Angel: *she stops and thinks for a moment*  I like it?
Diedre: *she nod sher head happily* good
Angel: *sighs* Used to, it was good for taking my mind off things.  But... *sighs again as the character dies* oh well
Diedre: We're into different things now. *tilts her head* want to watch labrynth?
Angel: *shrugs*
Diedre: *She pouts when Angle shrugs * "dark Crystal?"
Angel: *shrugs*
Diedre: *She watches her with big blue eyes filled with worry* "YOu can pick any one out of my collection OK?"
Angel: *shrugs* 
Diedre: *She grabs her hand and drags her back to her room*
Angel: *goes along*
Diedre: *She pulls out her collection* Don't make me pick, we'll watch labrynth again
Angel: That's fine.
Diedre: ok *happy bounce.. she puts the movie in on her computer so they don't have to go to the lounge, and tugs her onto the bed and curls around her to watch the movie*
Angel: *cuddles, watches, doesn't say anything or react to much*
Diedre: *she tries to cheer her up during the movie, before relinqishing control back to Yuki... * "maybe tomorrow we can bring the movie down to the infirmery"
Angel: *shrugs*  sure
Diedre: *She smiles weakly and watches the movie* (wanna end it there?)
Angel: yeah :)