Dear Editor,

This is the letter I wrote to my Senators about the Rosenthal Meta-human Registration Act. I would appreciate, if you think it's good enough, if you would please print it. Awareness needs to be raised of what's going on so the public knows they have to contact their senators as well, and very quickly, as the Senate votes soon.

The letter is pretty long, so I've sent it broken into three parts in case you want to do something other than print the whole thing at once.

Thank you very much,

Angel Marie Christan


"Daddy, I'm Scared"
Part I - Probabilities

I understand why the idea of the Rosenthal Meta-human Registration Act (MHRA) came about. Probably more than most. People are afraid. And when people are scared they try to do things they think will protect them. I personally am very afraid. How can I not be with all that's happened? I fear for my family, my friends, my neighbors....

Two months ago I was on the subway with my friends, and these bullies from a local high school starting picking on a homeless teen. I know they are bullies because I see them at least once a week around where I hang out. That day they decided to pick on this particular kid because, well, he's a mutant. And I swear this kid couldn't have hurt a fly. First of all he was shaking too much from fear to have hurt anyone. The only reason we knew he was a Mutant is 'cause his eyes glow. A harmless, make a good flash light, glow. The bullies called him names and shoved him into the wall so hard they hurt him. I moved between the bullies and him, not at all sure what I was going to do, but knowing what they were doing was wrong. The poor boy was just so scared, I felt I needed to be a friend, and he still couldn't keep from flinching as I approached asking if he was okay. The bullies caused so much commotion the Commuter Police arrived. They didn't believe me when I said the boy hadn't done anything, there was a disturbance and they saw who they assumed was the cause. And when I tried to make them listen, one said to me that after the attack a couple weeks before they couldn't take any chances. What was I supposed to do? My father had disappeared in that attack. I had been scared out of my mind. The Commuter Police were absolutely right, and I didn't say anything more as I watched them take the scared harmless boy away, simply for being.

A week later a childhood friend of mine was murdered not far from my home, along with three other teens. Two of the teens were Mutants, two were not. They four were found brutally murdered with a sign on the two that read "Die Mutants". The girl I had been friends with was not a Mutant. But simply for being friends with people who were and being in the presence of those friends that night someone deemed she deserved to die. And the two who were Mutants, they had never done anything to anyone. It's a surprise to me they were killed for being mutants when there wasn't anyway someone would have casually known they were. Makes me wonder what will happen when every Mutant and Meta-human is publicly known to be such.

Extremists and MHRA lawmakers want us to be worried about associating with Meta-Humans and Mutants. From my experiences, I understand why. How worried will you and I be when all those extremists and just plain crazy people have a way to find out exactly who is a Meta-Human or Mutant and where they each are? Will you stop associating with them? Because the probability is you already do whether you know it or not. Your friends, your family.... Most Mutants are like any person with something different about them that isn't visible.

Did you know that with each passing generation more Mutants are born? Today the likelihood of having a child with an active X-gene is 1 in 50. How many children does your extended family have? How many in your church? How many in your child's school? There are 5000 kids in my school. That's potentially 100 Mutants. Look around your neighborhood, how many children do you count? Odds are every fiftieth child is a Mutant whose powers haven't activated yet.

Did you know that while most Mutant abilities don't activate until the mid-teens that 1 in every 10 Mutants develop even later? So even older teens without powers now might still actually be Mutants.

And that doesn't even count the mishaps, experiments, and whatnot that cause non-Mutant Meta-Humans. Though more rare, such can happen to anyone at any age. Recent estimates say 2.3% of the population of the world is currently Meta-Human, 80% of that being Mutants.

How safe do you feel now? How safe do you think Meta-Humans and Mutants feel with the MHRA so close to being passed? How would you feel if you had a personal stake in this all? If they aren't already, imagine your child or spouse or sibling or closest friend is a Meta-Humans or Mutant. After all you have a better shot of that then winning on a scratch ticket. Scared yet?

I am. I was so scared at one point I was thinking of some pretty extreme things to do to protect myself. Thankfully my family noticed and sat me down to talk before I did something stupid. What put things in perspective for me was something my Dad said. He said why be scared of all these "might be"s when it is just as likely in NYC for a person to walk through a bad neighborhood and get killed, to be hit by a bus or taxi, to just be in the wrong place at the wrong time and get shot, or any number of other lethal situations. We can't live our lives constantly worried that we'll beat the odds and get screwed for it. We just have to take sensible precautions, use our common sense, and life our lives for what we want them to be.

My last thought in this section is what is the probability that if the MHRA passes that Mutants and Meta-humans will leave the country? Just as with other laws, there are people who are going to refuse to follow them. Those who refuse will either leave, or are likely criminals. The MHRA will actually only be able to list law-abiding citizens and visitors, and those criminals who are already known as Mutants or who've already been caught. What if the non-criminals leave instead of submitting to the MHRA? The criminals won't leave, and with most of the people able to stand up to Mutant/Meta-human criminals gone why would they want to leave? No Avengers, Titans, JLA members, etc. Sounds like a criminal's dream to me. Now that's scary. Especially to me, having three brothers and my Father all being police officers.

"Daddy, I'm Scared"
Part II - List Check

The point of the MHRA is usually paralleled to gun registration acts. If authorities know where a potentially dangerous object is, can track it, that helps them prevent it from being used to harm people. But Mutants and Meta-Humans aren't objects, they are people. The MHRA is going to create a list of potentially harmful people. Currently there are lists of potentially harmful people the authorities keep: most notably sex offenders and child abusers. The difference is you can only get on those lists by actually having done something wrong first, not just by being what you were born as.

What confuses me is if people believe such a list should be kept and enforced for potentially dangerous people before they have done something wrong, why is it exclusive to Mutants/Meta-humans? I was thinking of who should actually have been on such a list based on things they have done. Here's what I came up with:

Magneto - Mutant
Hitler - Human
Parasite - Mutant
Kobra - Human
Ras Al Ghoul - Human
Killer Frost - Mutant
Joker - Human
The Leader - Mutant
Theodore Kaczynski (Unabomber) - Human
Timothy Mcveigh (Oklahoma Bomber) - Human
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, dozen or so members - Mutants
Al Queda (Claimed Sept. 11), including Osama Bin Laden and Muhammad Atef, hundreds of members - Humans
Al Capone - Human
Lee Boyd Malvo and John Allen Muhammad (DC Snipers) - Humans

The list could go on and on, first listing all murderers in our prisons and on death row (hundreds of "mundane" Humans, 2 Meta-Humans), then even listing batteries and other hurtful crimes.

My point is that being a Mutant doesn't automatically make a person dangerous. Most all of the most dangerous people in history were mundane humans. No not totally, but every group has it's bad, that's a fact of life. Yet in the case of Mutants and Meta-Humans being one actually makes it more likely for that person to become a hero than a villain, whether the person wants to or not. How many of the mundane humans are law enforcement, firemen, EMTs, doctors, military or of a profession that lends them to save lives everyday that I've forgotten (and I greatly apologize) to list? 10 percent? 15? 20 even, or is that too generous an estimate? How many of the Mutants and Meta-humans are members of hero teams or in training to be? Easily 50 percent here, and more in countries like Japan where nationalism is so fierce any Mutant gives themselves over to service to the country. Of those Mutants who don't become heroes, many do their best to hide for their own safety or out of the desire to just be normal and have a normal life. Only a smaller percentage ends up being those people who cause us all to be afraid.

How can one group be punished as a whole for the actions of few of its individuals when other groups don't? And if a group is to be judged as a whole shouldn't it be by the actions of the majority?

"Daddy, I'm Scared"
Part III - A Plea

I've listened and watched and thought a lot these last few months. Every time something happens, I'm reminded more and more of times gone by. Hard times. Bad times. Scary times.

I'm not saying Mutants and Meta-humans don't have to fight for their rights like Women did, then African-Americans, and then Gays. But especially in the case of African-Americans from the South, those old enough to remember know how awful and terrifying things were with people who thought they shouldn't live and how those people acted knowing where they lived and worked. Also in the case of Japanese-Americans those old enough remember when they were put in concentration camps supposedly for the safety of the country, and what that was like.

Mostly as the MHRA approaches approval as law I'm reminded of a different set of happenings during World War II. The MHRA will not only give extremists a way to find and potentially hunt Mutants and Meta-humans in the USA, it will be the first step towards such awful things that history has shown to be brutal, and preventable.

No one should have to live in such fear. No one should have to experience such a life. I am truly and very sorry to all those people who did. I'm sorry my generation's ancestors didn't take action sooner. I'm sorry such injustices were allowed to occur and go on. I can't do anything about those things. But I can try to prevent any of them from happening again. However I am only one person. And not even a legal adult, my voice doesn't carry any legal weight here.

Please, please, I beg every Holocaust survivor, survivor of any concentration camp in recent history, survivor of racial attacks, and anyone who knows such people or knows what it was like, to Please take action against the MHRA. No one may have helped you or your loved one, but you now have a chance to do what others should have for you. Or perhaps someone did help you, and you now have the chance to pay that person back by doing the same for others. All I can do is speak out and hope someone is listening, I can't help any further. But you can make the real difference simply by speaking up.



Angel Marie Christan

Age 16