Initial Intro on Yahoogroup

I play Angel Christan, she's only been around for two months -in the time line the Detroit crew currently exists in- arrived the same day as her roommate Yuki. She's 5' 6", 143 lbs, Red red hair that goes a couple inches past her shoulders and is kindof wavy, green eyes, *clearly* Irish heritage. She's been dating Bart since the "Homecoming" dance two weeks ago in game time.

Currently, starting with just after the group of us came back from the movies and Bart was taken to the infirmary (last night), she's not acting like herself, instead being very reclusive. She checks up on Bart every so often looking very worried or hurt, but otherwise just does whatever her roommate Yuki suggests would be good and doesn't talk to much of anyone expect Silence, Yuki, "Pan", Veronica, and Jean... and possibly ever so often she can be seen throwing rock-paper-scissors with Laser. ;) Oh and she is most always clutching a small figurine of Tinkerbell. She does seem to get better every day, and is back to relative normality in about a week.