Diary while at Xavier's Academy for Gifted Youngsters

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In Game DateEntry Title for OOG ReferenceGame Session Date
PoemPre-Diary WritingUnplayed
OctoberVery First EntriesUnplayed
NovemberIt's Offical, The FuneralUnplayed
DecemberAnger, Run-awayUnplayed

In Game DateEntry Title for OOG ReferenceGame Session Date
September 11Arrived at School (First Entry)December I think
October 10New Guy (Harrison) and SportsUnplayed
October 23 / 24New Girl (Diedre) and Braiding PartyFebruary 26th
October 24Skipped Class and Prepped for DanceFebruary 28th
October 25Odd Girl OutFebruary 28th
October 25 / 26Homecoming Dance and Kitty's Slumber Party     February 28th
October 27Seats in ClassesUnplayed
October 31Ants in Bed and Scott Beats Down StudentsMarch 1st
October 31/1NeverlandMarch 1st
November 1 / 2Everyone SickUnplayed
November 6Little ThingsMarch 6th
November 7Day After Movie Excursion, Day Off SchoolMarch 6th
November 8 / 9 / 10Sessions with JeanUnplayed
November 10Second Semester Begins
November 10Best FriendsUnplayed
November 11Nightmare and Professor LoganMarch 9th
November 11Visitors and Bart is WokenMarch 9th
November 12Star Wars Night!March 13th
November 13"This just in: Gothem is burning"March 13th
November 14Aftermath, DuringmathMarch 13th
November 15Football!March 20th
November 15/16He thinks my eyes are beautiful (the First Date)March 20th
November 22Parent's DayMarch 25th
November 23-30Thanksgiving Vacation
November 24Yuki Comes Home Too, Diedre UnhappyMar 27 & Apr 9
November 26About Bart, About ThanksgivingMarch 27th
November 28Surprise VisitsMarch 26 & 27
November 28/29Going Steady!March 28th
November 30Back To School and 3 New GuysMarch 27th
December 2New Friends? - Zack, April, Amy - Chris meets Yuki and othersApril 9th
December 3Yuki's Problem...IM Played
December 4Upcoming Field TripApril 9th
December 5Tyler's a JerkList Played
December 6Responsibility, Moving Too SlowUnplayed
December 8Muir IslandApril 10th
December 9Ireland BacklogApril 10th
December 10Muir Island StillList Played
December 12Power Sessions and Training SessionsUnplayed
December 15A Drama Club Is BornList Played
December 19Power Progress?Unplayed
December 20A Day with ShawnApril 8 & 28
December 21A Night with BartApril 21 & 28
December 21Snow! and the "Mach 1 Gitter Bug"April 21st
December 21Trim a Tree Party, Rogue & Krypton Engaged!April 21st
December 22Parting Surprises, Talk with RogueApril 28th
December 22 - January 4Winter Vacation
December 23Students Gifts and Feeling BadApril 21st
December 25Christmas! Gifts and Distant RelativesApril 21 & 28
December 26An Evening with HelenaCurrently Unplayed
December 27Meeting Bart's GrandmotherCurrently Unplayed

In Game DateEntry Title for OOG ReferenceGame Session Date
January 4thBack to School, New Uniforms!May 1st
January 5thVeronica, Pictures with JeanApril 28th
January 14thNew TrainingApril 28th
January 19thLimboMay 1st
January 22ndDad Back to WorkMay 1st
January 23rdYuki WorriedMay 1st
January 25thDad TalkMay 1st
January 26thOld FriendsMay 8th
January 27thFinal ExamsMay 8th
January 28thSubway EncounterMay 8th
January 29thTransfer Back to High School?May 8th
January 30thEvening and All NightMay 8th
January 31st"Brotherly Love" & Talk w/Dad #2May 8th
February 1stSuperbowl!Unplayed
February 2ndThird Semester Begins
February 2ndMore DeathsUnplayed

Note: All IG dates are confirmed with Jim as of March 8th!
  • The March 6th game was a Thursday in Fall IG
  • Halloween was the night all the children on Earth got sick
  • And following off the amount of time Jim told me had passed IG at the beginning of each session I was at:
            -One and a half months between the first two sessions
            -One week between the Glitter affair and Laser's Ants
  • Therefore I came to the random date of September 11th for Angel's arrival, and the rest fit as listed above.