Bart Wakes

Chris: something about a tap on the shoulder
Angel: Yeah, Chris fell asleep watching Bart at some point during the day, and wakes to Angel shaking him slight and saying "Chris.... Chris! You want to be awake for this!"
Chris: Chris would startle awake, and you would notice the contraption around Bart: glowing green "strings" attached to an old fashioned alarm clock designed to ring if Bart moved
Angel: When he wakes up, he'll see Angel and Bart (still unconscious), of course, and Professor X and the Flash
Chris: Chris's first instinct would be to turn to Flash, "Why isn't he waking up? He should be healed of anything by this time??"
Angel: "Give me some room please," is what the Flash asked of us all
Angel: Angel moves to the wall.
Chris: Backs up, but only as much as is necessary
Angel: (as narrated to me last night by Jim:) The Flash steps back, then all of a sudden we heard a sound like a thunder clap and there's a brillant flash.
Angel: When we can see again, Bart's "hovering" in the air
Angel: There's crackling light spiking-like off of both him and the Flash in all directions for very short distance, and one big bolt-type thing connecting the two
Chris: as Chris watches intently, you can see something beginning to manifest from his "Green Flame": a harness connecting him to the sturdiest part of the room with enough slack to go after someone should it prove necessary
Angel: After however long (a few seconds?), everything stops as abruptly as it started.
Angel: Bart's back on the bed, and sits up suddenly as if he is coing to a stop and goes "Is everyone alright!?"
Angel: Then "Woah," and falls back onto the bed
Angel: He's clearly awake though, and Angel rushes over at this point
Chris: rushes to Bart's side
Angel: (hehe, that's what we expected) Angel gives Bart a big hug, making sure not to crowd out Chris
Angel: After doing a quick check of Bart, the Flash stands back and lets us do whatever. Bart feebly returns Angel
Angel: Angel's hug.
Angel: "Chris... Angel..."
Chris: Chris picks up Bart's hand, and cries unashamedly, "So all this was one big prank just to give me a heart-attack,huh?" relief obviously floods out of Chris as he naturally resorts to making a joke of the most serious of situations, "well, I will top you if it takes the rest of my life"
Angel: I'm sure Bart laughs to try and confort Chris. ;) "Did everyone get out?:"
Chris: Chris looks to Angel to answer...
Chris: ...then realizes that he was only dimly aware of her presence up 'till now
Angel: Angel nods. He then looks at Angel a bit seriously. "Did he hurt you anymore?" Angel looks like she thinks hard for a moment, then shakes her head. Bart continues: "I owe you an apology, I-" Angel shakes her head sternly, then takes Bart's hand.
Angel: He smiles slightly, then turns back to Chris.
Angel: At which point we speculated for a bit on the banter Chris and Bart goes through
Chris: Chris, confident enough in his friendship w/ Bart and not wanting to rob the new couple of a bonding moment, withdraws to go off and speak w/ Flash
Angel: (Wow, Jim called that, I wasn't sure he was right!)
Chris: smiling at Bart, and tipping his head toward Angel
Angel: (Oh wait, I did forget something)
Angel: After Chris and Bart banter for a bit, Bart says "Thank you all for taking care of me." Angel shrugs and nods towards Chris and says: "Chris was the one who stayed with you the whole time and talked to you, and..." Bart cuts her off. "I said, everyone."
Chris: (hi its erin again i stole the puter)
Angel: (And somewhere around here Jim had Chris withdraw)
Angel: Oh, okay
Angel: Tell Todd something for me?
Chris: (helena would be there for this as she also doesnt leave medbay much after what happens on saturday)
Chris: (sure vhat?)
Angel: Actually, she wasn't
Angel: Professor X cleared out the med lab
Angel: About an hour later-ish Angel finds Chris and says Bart was released to her care and she took Bart to his room, that he's been sentenced to bed-rest, and well, it's kindof a roommate-area of help he'll need for the rest of the night so she's turning Bart over to him.
Chris: (helena would have bitched yelled screamed etc)
Angel: (yeah yeah, along with everyone else)
Chris: (and then stormed off not talking to anyone)
Angel: (oh, for her pov, Angel wasn't there at the time the medlab was cleared out)
Angel: (neither was the Flash)
Chris: (pov?)
Angel: (Point of View)
Chris: (k)
Chris: (im gonna give the puter back... its pointless for mwe to know this stuff if im not there etc.)
Angel: k
Angel: Oh! I remember what the Flash did after checking Bart over and then giving Chris and Angel room, he went and made Bart a meal! Geez, see how my memory works? :p