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    Monday, August 13, 2007

    We're Alone 

    This writing was for the Front Lobby Bench, whose July topic was:
    We're Alone.

    It's the future (however distant or close is your choice). We humans have mapped the heavens, have found thousands upon thousands of extra-solar planets, identified the composition of them all with advanced technology, and turned all sorts of listening devices spanning the frequencies to the Earth-like ones for decades. And what have we found? Nothing. Not one peep. No signals, messages, pictures, accidental broadcasts, voices, or any sort of non-astronomical sounds. The final analysis? All of science is agreed. We're alone.

    Earth is the only planet on which intelligent life has arisen. What does that mean for us humans? How do we react? How does this impact our advancement as a race, if at all? Where do we turn our technological efforts now?

    It is just an outline of a story, but there's still answers in there.

    Yes, the future. Far enough that there are viable means of space travel between solar systems, if not galaxies. I've not yet decided if the mode if space travel is linear, as in actual physical travel through space at high speeds, or some other method like folding space or extra dimensional.

    Humanity hasn't changed too much since the announcement of no extra-terrestrial life. Withing the first couple decades after the announcement there was a noticeable though small surge in religion, especially those that proclaim humans as the ultimate creation of God or as the last step before spiritual enlightenment. Surprisingly it was the entertainment industry that took the biggest hit, as interest in alien stories and movies rapidly declined. But Hollywood and its counterparts are not to be kept down, and adapted to other drama sources for their stories. Science itself was pulled down at first, as dispelling the theory of life having evolved on other planets caused a widespread questioning of other generally accepted scientific principles, but it quickly adapted. Now scientists make sure they have evidence in support of a hypothesis before it is called theory, and lack of proof the hypothesis is wrong does not make it right enough to be acceptable. Advancements have been made in medicine, transportation, communications, convenience appliances, and of course weaponry. Still, overall the day to day life of people didn't change much. People still work to earn money, still go to school, still meet and marry and perhaps divorce, still try to find the meaning of life, and still go hungry or go to war.

    This story focuses on the day one hundred years after the announcement, chosen specifically by the head scientist for its symbolism. Today is the day he launches a supposedly working prototype time vessel. Time machines have been made, travel to the future was achieved a whole lot easier than to the past since that's the way humans naturally progress through time. But the only kind that can send things to the past have been limited to data packets: information, messages, things that can be reduced to being transmitted via light or wave particles. And even those can only transmit back as far as when the machine accepting the arrival of the data was first created. It seems the idea of only being able to travel to a time in which whatever is traveling has already existed has won out over the idea of not being able to exist more than once at the same point in time.

    Now this scientist believes he has a working machine that can transport a living being to the past using the powerful light and energy fields generated by stars, using the same technique current time machines use to send light to the past, and much in the same way except also shielding living matter from the strain of the journey. And since any given star, such as Earth's Sun, can be billions of years old it means a person could potentially travel billions of years back in time!

    What could be done with this advancement in technology if it works? The possibilities are numerous. But our scientist has a special task in mind. After the initial test jump of one day to the past proving successful he intends to take genetic material with him, such as proteins and amino acids and whatnot, along with a lifetime of interstellar data he has amassed, back to the far past. Then he will travel the Milky Way galaxy to seed planets of the correct composition and state to allow for evolution like occurred on Earth. His desire a two-fold achievement: 1) prove evolution, 2) allow for the development of extra-terrestrial life in the same time frame as life on Earth, so that we're not alone.

    The only hiccup in his plan, from his point of view, is when one of his assistants piece together what he's intending to do. The assistant has major concerns over the plan, and tries to convince the scientist to not go through with the plan. Firstly, no one knows how actions in the past might affect what is known to be the time line. If he succeeds - in creating other life elsewhere - he would change at least the past hundred years, possibly for the worst. Can time even change, or would the scientist be destroyed in the attempt? Or what if creating a temporal causality loop would unmake all of creation? If God exists, that would possibly bring in a whole other set of issues.

    The assistant is not willing to take any of those risks, and definitely not willing to let the scientist do so either. The assistant tries to enlist help from the other assistants in stopping the scientist. Sabotage is decided on, though they know that will only delay the scientist. Ideally they would want to replace the scientist as the test subject, but getting a volunteer and one that is trusted to not attempt anything in the past, is hard. Some sort of government intervention or the creation of a group to oversee the ethics of time travel, if they - ironically - have the time to get such things established. The original assistant secretly considers murder as a last option.

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    Friday, April 13, 2007

    6 Red 

    Enter huge office building (describe: more squat and wide with varying levels than tall high rise). Down wide hall way, off to right as hallway corners to the right wall tapers to half high and over looks large open area three stories high. Go by employees, half of which (or more?) are beyond life: lank apparitions with a black shadow inside hinting at an interior skeleton float inches above the floor as they move, speaking with black skeletons surrounded by the faintest aura suggesting a body, or soul, still exists. The rest of the mingling employees are as alive and well as you. Turn the corner, headed for the grand staircase that leads down to the open floor. From behind one of a double door set opens and upper up guy walks out with smile on his face. Behind him a meeting in the high mucky muck (describe better) meeting room is ending, people gathering and getting up and moving.

    As he approaches, he looks directly at you and says jubilantly "(something to the effect of 'I finally sold the place' or 'I'm getting a ton for this place')".

    Is there a thought of disbelief here?

    "And I'm taking (Woman's name) with me," he declares as you and he begin to pass. But he stops and glances down to the far floor. "Anyone else who claims her will have to throw me for her!" he adds with nearly a laugh and a shake of his hand like he is rolling dice, as you keep moving, looking back at him.

    "But no one can leave the company," you assert, quoting the rules, though still almost believing him because of his apparent certainty.

    His response is only the sly smile and calm look of a knowing man.

    Surprised, and a bit unsure what to do with that information, you continue to the stairs, and down the fanning out double flight. At the bottom you spot (Woman's name from above) next to one of the Black Jack (Craps?) tables. You tell her "(something about what you know, and that he's postulated taking her with him)". She reacts (somehow) and heads off.

    ... very sketchy here.
    A game kinda starts. Two child siblings come over and want to play, have money, so you push the dealer and the one player into their correct positions - explaining the set up as you do - the oldest child starts to walk away but you convince him/her back, set the children up and start teaching them the game. Something happens in distance, catches at least the oldest's attention, and s/he looses all his/her money while not paying attention.
    You're pulled off? Something happens with Nina character, can't remember what. But indications she is taking you under her wing, will help you rise in the company.
    ... very sketchy part ends.

    You show up at a meeting that has been called. Lecture hall layout, this being the front area of the large open floor where you just were. Looks like all the company's living employees are in attendance. You head towards the edge of the center seating which is all on the floor in the front, not rising up like the rest. Before you can sit, you hear someone make a calling for you attention sound. Look up, and see a woman shake her head slightly, her expression telling you that's the wrong thing to do. She motions for you to look to your left. You turn, and just behind you is Nina, taking a seat right next to the first dais. You head over, and politely ask about sitting next to her. To your surprise, and disheartenment, she says an apologetic no, that the seat is reserved. You move one seat over and indicate taking that chair if it's okay. She not paying attention, as a slightly higher up man comes by and she offers him the seat. To her obvious dismay he flat out denies her, and steps onto the dais to take a seat. As a cover to whatever she is feeling, she moves one chair away. Instead of now being in the seat next to her, you move back one row to sit behind her, but you choose the chair to her left instead of her right, placing you right next to the dais.

    The "meeting" begins. Lots of stuffy procedural stuff (describe) to get out of the way starts first. While that goes on, you start digging in your bag for (something). Nina leans back. "Are you analyzing samples?" she asks of your job duties with a touch of surprise, obviously mislead by the bag. "We have other people for that," she informs you, her demeanor clearly implying you both are above that kind of work. She puts her arm up on the back of her chair to look you squarely. "'The Blood Sickness can last two years.' Gentle, 25," she quotes to you. She looks down at the bag. A little quieter she adds, "'Or less.' Gentle, 26," and turns back to pay attention to the presentation.

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    Wednesday, October 12, 2005

    NaNoWriMo Idea #3 

    "A Revisionist History of My Life"

    That's the last story idea I'm considering for NaNoWriMo. The original idea I came up with last year. You can read it here. Basically it's, what would my life have been like and who would I be now if Mom had not moved my brother and I out to Massachusetts when I was seven?

    I was thinking on it again today. I figure the semi-truck accident would still have happened, and I'd probably still have the same issues dealing with romantic relationships.

    Also, my local friend Tim suggested I consider Chaos Theory and maybe incorporate it. Though I plan to stay more realistic with this story, that could also contribute.

    (For the record, Tim voted for "Bane of Death" as the novel I should write.)

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    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @9:28 PM
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    Tuesday, October 11, 2005

    New Idea for BBB 

    I'm betting most people don't remember, or even know, about the story idea I came up with in August of last year (2004). Well this NoNoWriMo thing has got me thinking on the concepts I might want to use for the novel I'm goin to write, and in doing so I've thought of another scene type thing for BBB (that's "Beauty, Brawn, and Brains").

    This is the original idea I had.

    The new scene is for Brawn, report card day. His parents review Brains' report card to be sure it's all straight A's as expected. They review beauty's report card to make sure she's passing her classes. But they don't ask for Brawn's. When he asks them "don't you want to see mine?" one parent replies with a smile "no need, we know you did just fine in everything." At first this seems like a good thing, confidence in his academic talent. Then a parent adds "your teachers wouldn't risk the season!"

    Follow up is Brawn decides to test that statement. And does discover no matter how completely unprepared he his, he gets C's.

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    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @5:09 PM
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    Friday, September 17, 2004

    New Story Idea: My Life 

    I heard a reminiscing song yesterday on the radio and for some reason started wondering, What would my life be like now if I hadn't moved to Massachusetts when I was young?

    Would Karen (my first best friend) and I still be friends? Would she have remained a potential bad influence, and actually changed who I ended up being and the beliefs I hold? Or would I have been a good influence on her and keep her out of trouble? Or would we have found some middle area to grow up in together?

    Would David and I have been serious boyfriend and girlfriend in junior high and/or high school? Would we be married now?!? Would my issues with men be completely different, or possibly non-existent?

    Would I have the great job now? Would I have had the break down in college that led me to software development?

    Would I have gone to Harvard? Actually, that one I'm almost sure I wouldn't have done. Because I wouldn't have had the same interview, I wouldn't have had the 11th grade English teacher that called me a philanthropist in his recommendation, and my brother probably wouldn't have broken his leg (long story). Okay maybe that last one doesn't matter as much as it seems to me. But still, Harvard would have been so far away, I might not have wanted to go so far from my family (though not going to school further from home is something I do regret). No, I would have gone to the University of Michigan.

    Without Harvard, would I have gone to Biosphere II for that summer internship? Where I discovered a Lot about myself and my beliefs, and made friends.

    Would I have the condo? Would I even be in Livonia, or would I be still in my hometown, or perhaps have already made it to Ann Arbor?

    Would I have gotten involved in the Red Cross? Would I have gotten involved in IORG and Eastern Star?

    I might still have played Basketball in high school. I wouldn't have sprained my ankle for that first time in basketball camp....

    I might still have gotten involved in roleplaying via my brother. I might even have made similar friends. I might have been dragged to Origins for that first time due to these friends and met the other friends there I still am friends with.

    I might still have joined the Star Trek online sim I did, that whole part of my life could have been the same. Meaning I'd still have my Emily, amongst other things. :)

    At the end of all my wondering, I realized I could very well be living pretty much the same life right now as if Mom, Michael and I had not moved to Massachusetts. Some smaller things might be different, but not necessarily the big stuff.

    The story in all this is that there would have been a different set of events that lead me to where I am now. Perhaps Karen and I had the big falling out that Amy (my hs/college best friend) and I had a few years ago. Perhaps David stayed in the private school when I had to go to public school after my parents divorced, and we drifted apart. Perhaps not. Hey, it's my life. I could write it however I wanted!

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    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @3:11 PM
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    Tuesday, September 14, 2004

    New Story Idea!: What If 

    Ever smell, however briefly, a smell out of place for where you are?

    Ever heard something odd because it didn't seem like anything around you would make that sound? Or hear a whisper of something or really quite voices you didn't quite catch, but there's no one around?

    What if those smells and sounds Are real? But they don't fit in because you're not where you think you are. What if you are really lying on a bed in some laboratory somewhere? The whole world is a creation made just for you, to test your reactions. But every once in a while, for whatever reason, a smell or sound from the real world filters through the illusionary one.


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    Friday, September 10, 2004

    New Story Idea: WW Disarmament 

    The background for this story was originally the world of SeaQuest DSV. I created a character for myself to fit into the TV show, who had mental abilities like the doctor from the second season, though my character's was focused through music.

    The story idea is that the mentalists of the world unite to force a world-wide nuclear disarmament. Possibly non-nuclear missiles and bombs too. The story is about:
    1) what leads them to do this - that someone or some group found a way to control mentalists and attempted to force them to start a war.
    2) how they accomplish the disarmament - my character and two old mentalist friends leading the charge
    3) the aftermath of the disarmament - most likely an arms race unlike any the world has seen, since literally everyone is starting from the same point: having nothing. What kind of political ramifications would this have? How would alliances and allegiances change? Would money really determine the outcome?

    (Remembering Wernher von Braun in WWII, who decided Germany would not achieve victory against the Allies and so engineered the surrender of his scientists, work, prototypes, and himself to the Americans. And that he chose the Americans, because he knew what countries wouldn't be able to defend his work, what countries wouldn't be able to afford to fund his research, and he just didn't like England (I think it was England), so that left the Americans.)


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    Tuesday, September 07, 2004

    Idea for Hope Carver 

    Before I forget. Here's what else I was hoping to write tonight but didn't get to:

    Hope finds room/suite the family secrets are hidden in. Where Lord Carver hid the picture of his sister, his father put the picture of Lord Carver's Aunt, and information on Faith is kept, as well as other things I haven't figured out yet. This scene is where Hope begins telling her story, in awe of everything she hasn't been told.

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    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @12:37 AM
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    Friday, September 03, 2004

    New Story Ideas: Hope & BoD 

    Two of 'em:

    1) Hope Carver - Which would be more of a continuation of Faith Winterfields. Hope growing up, the events of her life maybe. But I more see the story talking about the people who survived Faith from Hope's perspective. Such as Jason, who pretty much devoted his life to taking care of Becket's lands as the new Lord and getting revenge on the enemies of those lands because they are the reason Faith died, which could also perpetuate the families' rivalry unless one side finally wins (I dunno yet), but after years Hope notices that even that doesn't give him purpose or joy anymore - not that she had ever actually seen him happy, but now he doesn't seem to have anything to keep him going anymore.

    2) Bane of Death - Someone who unknowingly has the ability to prevent Death from taking a person. (Yes, this idea arises from a twist on the first Faith Alternate.) This person also can pass on the ability to see Death to others if s/he touches another while in the presence of Death - likely it will be only people who are not Death's target this can happen to - which gives a way to have more than two characters be the center of the story. Those two characters being Death and Bane of Death.

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    Monday, August 16, 2004

    New Story Idea! BBB 

    I'm so excited! I had a story idea come to me today while I was driving. I'm excited over it because, other than figuring out histories for characters I play in roleplaying games, I haven't had a real story idea in a LONG time.


    "How many children do you have?" asked curiously.

    "Oh I have one of each," beaming with pride. "Children! Come here!"

    Gives the mother a 'either you're crazy or there's something wrong here' look as three children enter the room.

    "This is my beautiful one. This is my strong athletic one. And this is my smart one," the mother explains.


    Current title idea is "Beauty, Brawn, and Brains". It'd be about three siblings (right now I think two girls and a boy) and them having to work together to... do something, I haven't quite figured that out yet. Perhaps they run a company together. I figure the athletic one has street smarts also, and the pretty one knows how to work High Society and such, and the smart one just has no common sense. I want each of the three to need each of the others to cover for something they themselves can't do. The point is to have at least one character that anyone today can identify with.

    Whatcha think? It's a brand new concept in my head, so any help would be appreciated. :)

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    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @9:20 AM
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