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    Friday, April 13, 2007

    6 Red 

    Enter huge office building (describe: more squat and wide with varying levels than tall high rise). Down wide hall way, off to right as hallway corners to the right wall tapers to half high and over looks large open area three stories high. Go by employees, half of which (or more?) are beyond life: lank apparitions with a black shadow inside hinting at an interior skeleton float inches above the floor as they move, speaking with black skeletons surrounded by the faintest aura suggesting a body, or soul, still exists. The rest of the mingling employees are as alive and well as you. Turn the corner, headed for the grand staircase that leads down to the open floor. From behind one of a double door set opens and upper up guy walks out with smile on his face. Behind him a meeting in the high mucky muck (describe better) meeting room is ending, people gathering and getting up and moving.

    As he approaches, he looks directly at you and says jubilantly "(something to the effect of 'I finally sold the place' or 'I'm getting a ton for this place')".

    Is there a thought of disbelief here?

    "And I'm taking (Woman's name) with me," he declares as you and he begin to pass. But he stops and glances down to the far floor. "Anyone else who claims her will have to throw me for her!" he adds with nearly a laugh and a shake of his hand like he is rolling dice, as you keep moving, looking back at him.

    "But no one can leave the company," you assert, quoting the rules, though still almost believing him because of his apparent certainty.

    His response is only the sly smile and calm look of a knowing man.

    Surprised, and a bit unsure what to do with that information, you continue to the stairs, and down the fanning out double flight. At the bottom you spot (Woman's name from above) next to one of the Black Jack (Craps?) tables. You tell her "(something about what you know, and that he's postulated taking her with him)". She reacts (somehow) and heads off.

    ... very sketchy here.
    A game kinda starts. Two child siblings come over and want to play, have money, so you push the dealer and the one player into their correct positions - explaining the set up as you do - the oldest child starts to walk away but you convince him/her back, set the children up and start teaching them the game. Something happens in distance, catches at least the oldest's attention, and s/he looses all his/her money while not paying attention.
    You're pulled off? Something happens with Nina character, can't remember what. But indications she is taking you under her wing, will help you rise in the company.
    ... very sketchy part ends.

    You show up at a meeting that has been called. Lecture hall layout, this being the front area of the large open floor where you just were. Looks like all the company's living employees are in attendance. You head towards the edge of the center seating which is all on the floor in the front, not rising up like the rest. Before you can sit, you hear someone make a calling for you attention sound. Look up, and see a woman shake her head slightly, her expression telling you that's the wrong thing to do. She motions for you to look to your left. You turn, and just behind you is Nina, taking a seat right next to the first dais. You head over, and politely ask about sitting next to her. To your surprise, and disheartenment, she says an apologetic no, that the seat is reserved. You move one seat over and indicate taking that chair if it's okay. She not paying attention, as a slightly higher up man comes by and she offers him the seat. To her obvious dismay he flat out denies her, and steps onto the dais to take a seat. As a cover to whatever she is feeling, she moves one chair away. Instead of now being in the seat next to her, you move back one row to sit behind her, but you choose the chair to her left instead of her right, placing you right next to the dais.

    The "meeting" begins. Lots of stuffy procedural stuff (describe) to get out of the way starts first. While that goes on, you start digging in your bag for (something). Nina leans back. "Are you analyzing samples?" she asks of your job duties with a touch of surprise, obviously mislead by the bag. "We have other people for that," she informs you, her demeanor clearly implying you both are above that kind of work. She puts her arm up on the back of her chair to look you squarely. "'The Blood Sickness can last two years.' Gentle, 25," she quotes to you. She looks down at the bag. A little quieter she adds, "'Or less.' Gentle, 26," and turns back to pay attention to the presentation.

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    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @8:43 AM


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