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    Monday, January 01, 2007

    The Prophesy says thus: 

    There shall come a time, when the Earth is cold and the Moon is high,
    and the pride of men doth turn the tide.

    When war is near, from future not past,
    the era of Peace nearing end at last.

    One unnamed rises from the way,
    taking his time, biding day by day.

    A ghastly plan he does concoct,
    Preferring patience and precision he hath will to wait
    decades and leaders and turns of fate.

    Through countless efforts and gifts of trust,
    he learns the secrets that one must,

    To do what he wishes, to take it all
    To cause first the Masters, then Kingdom fall.

    For one note, one piece of text misinterpreted long
    He will discover turns out to be wrong

    And with that knowledge armed, and well built force
    besiege the Guardian for the proper course.

    Against his will the Guardian reveals, tactics and ways
    To give the unnamed's plan its final plays.

    But what he does not know, he can not fore plan.
    For you see:

    The children ache, but are not all dead
    Notice the Circlet does not sit on her head.

    The Masters are chosen, by not by either side,
    They are four from far down a tunnel ride.

    What they must do, is simple and true:
    Find the armor where the last Earth tree grew.

    Then seek out the unnamed and strike before too late.
    Thus do they seal the Kingdom's fate.


    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @1:58 AM


    Anonymous said:
    Nice to see something new up here. I'm always a little wary of poetry that follows a strict rhyme scheme, since the writer can get so caught up in making everything rhyme that the verse itself get either meaningless or awkward. Since I think the message is the primary concern here, it seems to come through well, thoug I don't know the backstory so I can't completely say. The rhythm flow seems a little awkward in a few places, but overall it works well. Have you read it out loud at all?

    I just put up a new post on StormWyvern Press, so if you have time, I'd love for you to take a look at it.
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