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    Monday, December 26, 2005

    Little Rant 

    It's been so long since I've written much of anything (except for posting on my Star Trek simulation, the Griffin). For most of November I wrote almost every day. And then, ppth.

    Well then, Jennifer, why not just go back to writing most every day like in November if it bothers you so?

    Because, that was draining and I put most everything else on the shelf to be dealt with later. I can't live like that.

    But now writing has fallen way behind on the priority list. Not that the things I have been doing aren't important for the most part. And writing isn't the only thing I've pushed off. Just the one I currently miss. I think, I'm hoping, the holidays are the reason so much as been lost into that shelf of "in the future when I get the time". But looking towards the future, I don't see my pace of living changing soon. At least not until the second half of January. And of course by then more plans will have been made and other things will have come up.

    So here I am wondering, thinking that I really do need to get back into writing. And that after the holidays are over I should take at least one or two evenings after work in early January to write. I will have to force myself to write on one of the stories I've started, either "Bane of Death" or "The Lost Song". Too easily I leave off stories, perhaps to often I think of new things I want to write. Usually my distraction from continuing my stories, when I get back to writing, is whichever character I am favoring in the game(s) I roleplay in.

    Not sure how to end this.



    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @10:11 PM


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