...the voice returns.**

Many know this one's story, his life described in a song. They heard it when they were young or sing it to their own children. But no one knows what happened after the song ended, and so Puff has come to live here.

**You still can not see what is in the cave. But as you hear what sounds like a soft, sad sigh, a song begins to play: **

Puff's story was first recorded by Lenny Lipton in a poem. His friend, Peter Yarrow, later added music to the poem. If Peter, Paul, and Mary had not recorded the song and made it popular years later, Puff's story may have been entirely forgotten.

**As you leave the cave you consider taking one of the green scales, just to help you remember. But again you feel a wave of sadness when you touch it, and you realize that you can not take it with you, for it exists only in the past. Yet somehow you know that it will always be with you.**