**You enter the enormous cavern the heat becomes almost intolerable and are almost blinded by the light. As your eyes adjust, you see the source of the heat. A bonfire burns in the center of the room. Above it rises a dragon. You are caught in a moment of terror before you realize the dragon isn't moving. All around the cavern are signs of fights having taken place' scratches and burns on the ground, scratches and holes in the walls.**

Impressive, isn't he? This dragon was once very powerful, and feared by many. Though he never attacked those he deemed beneith the ability to harm him. He sought out opponents to defeat, each more difficult than the last. His one desire was to challenge the immortal Phoenix, and not only to survive, but to win. So he grew strong and honed his skills by winning against others. Many fell to his claws, teeth, or in fear at hearing his terrible battle cry.

It is thought that there is a reason for this dragon's mission, that it is a vendetta. For this dragon was the first to fight the bird, before it was the Phoenix, and he won. It is supposed to have been a long hard battle between two compareable opponents. And when it was done, and the bird dead at his feet, the dragon collapsed from his wounds and exaustion. But the Phoenix's nature was then revealed, and it rose to life again. Thinking the dragon dead, it flew off. The dragon watched it go, and vowed one day to finish what he had thought already done.

It is unsure what has become of the dragon. Some say he challenged the Phoenix again and lost. Some say he left this world in search of new opponents to practice against before his final battle. Others say he challenged the Phoenix, and they still battle to this day, neither one able to best the other....

Whatever has happened, this dragon has faded from many memories. So his story has come here, in hopes to live on and gain him strength by passing into the memories of any that may pass through the hall.

**You take one last look at the life-like memory of the dragon as it rises to meet its foe, and return to the hall.**