So, Amber’s PE teacher lost power during virtual class yesterday. Today he is asking what happened to the class and if they exercised after he was dropped. Amber’s response:
“I exercised the limits of my patience.”

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Liver Recipies

So, beef liver pudding went well enough that I made it a second time, and when I tested it after cooling out of the oven, I caught myself making the “mmm” noise! :O Therefore, I tried bastardizing another recipe today: rice pilaf with bacon. I turned it into arroz con leche with beef liver. It was nearly good! I’d eat it again no problem too!

The first time, when I tried the liver pudding, it tasted not bad. Not good, but not bad. Like one of those meat dips at a Superbowl party I don’t want to eat and so I bring my own. The liver taste that is so awful was very subtle, and did not linger at all! No after taste!! I was able to eat the liver pudding just fine with tortilla chips, scooping and biting. I had some leftovers from Friday, and on Saturday when I had long run out of time to make dinner, I pulled out the leftover liver pudding, heated it in the microwave, ate it with tortilla chips, and then wanted more when it was gone! :O :O But it takes hours to make liver pudding. So I made another batch, and promptly went to bed.

I was worried while cooking the beef liver rice pilaf with milk as the milk needed frequent stirring and I had used too little water. But I managed to save it, and it was like pretty good!

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Trying to Eat Liver

OKAY, here we go! Gonna bastardize a liver pudding recipe and hope it comes out tasting good (enough) anyway.

For longer version, read on:

So, I cooked up some beef liver in a pan last night. Made sure it was cooked all the way through, no red juicy stuff coming out anymore. Managed to not burn the outside! Only a touch of pink in places. Smelled AWFUL while cooking. But held out hope for eating as I know of one food dish I love to eat but dislike the smell of while it’s cooking. Anyway, Try a bite: Hm, okay, not bad, really kinda bland. I can eat this! WOAH!!! That aftertaste is … uncooked meat? meat going bad? some kind of bold awful spice? I can’t quite give it a name, but it’s BLEAHYUCK. *sigh* MUCH barbecue sauce, naan bread, and some ketchup later, and I manage to finish the whole 1/4 lb of liver serving. It took time though…. And a strip of bacon to bring the whole thing home.

Now, Liver Pudding has been recommended to me by a top advisor. The internet seems to agree that Liver Pudding is a yummy way to eat liver and still get the Iron benefit. (Unlike pate or liverwurst, which dilute the liver so much there’s little iron content. Even ground beef provides more iron!)

Well, liver pudding is a Southern thing. Specifically the Carolinas. Ain’t got it up here in the MidWest. So I go hunting for a recipe online. Also learn the difference between Liver Mush and Liver Pudding (cornmeal, which I don’t have at home). Find what appears to be a really good pudding recipe! However, liver pudding (and mush) is made from Pig Liver. My grocery store only had Beef liver. Also, I don’t have Allspice, and I really don’t want to buy some just for the dash called for by the recipe!

More internet research tells me soaking beef liver in milk for ~1hr before cooking dulls or removes the “bitter” taste. Okay, sure, we’ll call the aftertaste that.

So, I’m gonna make Living Pudding using beef liver (instead of pork liver), ground beef (instead of ground pork), cinnamon (instead of allspice), salt, onion, black pepper, butter, flour, milk, egg (all as recipe says), and no bay leaves (cause I don’t have ‘em either and those are just for on top). Oh yeah, I don’t have a pudding mold for the over either. Gonna use a small cake pan instead.

Wish me luck!

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3 shy of 10 gallons

I am 3 (or 7 depending on which source) blood donations away from reaching 10 gallons.

I have officially been diagnosed with mild anemia. Not only are my hemoglobin levels too low, for the first time my average red blood cell size is too small and the range of variation in my red blood cell sizes is to wide.

This past Spring it took 3 weeks (one try peer week) before I passed the hemoglobin check and I was allowed to donate.

This past August I tried on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th. (I gave my poor fingers and my stress a break on the 5th.) My hemoglobin levels started out the lowest they’ve ever been recorded: 9.something. I got them up to 11.7 by the end of the week. I was SO SICK of red meat by then! And both my middle fingers and both my ring fingers were ouchy sore. (At each attempt to donate, the Red Cross will prick up to two different fingers for the hemoglobin check. Each day I alternated which finger on each hand.)

Yes, I have tried multivitamin pills that contain iron. It used to be that if I took those once a day for a week before the donation, my hemoglobin levels would be fine!

Yes, I have tried eating high iron foods, and eaten plant based iron foods with Vitamin C.

Yes, I’ve put salad back in my diet. Yes, I’ve tried raisins and dark meat (mmm, chicken thighs) and ground beef. Did you know pork is NOT a good source of iron?

Yes, I tried scheduling my blood donation for the week after my period.

Yes, I have gotten advice from my doctor (325 mg ferrous sulfate – which is NOT the kind of iron used in multivitamins – taken with 84 mg Vitamin C).

Yesterday I failed the hemoglobin check again, twice. And the phlebotomist in charge told me I may not be allowed to donate for a while even if I get my levels back up. Because if I’m anemic, medical people will likely want me to hold on to normal hemoglobin levels for some amount of time before I try donating.

*sigh* I’m only 3 donations away…

I’m already getting sick of red meat again. Trying “high” iron tuna now too. But I know. *nods* I know I’m gonna have to go to liver.

Only 3 donations away. It was supposed to be next year that I reach 10 gallons. I’m gonna make it, somehow….

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Singing a Ditty

A glimpse into my mind, specifically the second track at that moment:

“Where, oh where,
Has my Lego plate gone?
Where, oh where, can it be?
With its 6 dots wide,
And its 8 dots long,
Where, or where, is she?”

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Absorb That Iron!

Poked 6 times this week (2x / day) and STILL haven’t been able to donate. ARRRGGGHHH! Come on body, absorb that iron!!

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After Watching Olympics…

Part 1 of 2
Me after watching Olympic women’s gymnastics:
I’m sitting on the floor in my bedroom with my back against the long side of my bed. The head of the bed is to me right, the foot of the bed to my left. Also to my left there is a rocker chair (left over from rockin’ and nursin’ my babies at night) set in stationary mode, pushed up next to the bed, the opening to sit on it facing me.

… in my head:
I get up on my left knee, my back still to my bed, extend my right leg out sideways with perfectly pointed toes, and plant my right hand on the floor directly in front of me. I gracefully place my left hand on the seat of the chair, lift with both my left leg and right arm, bring my right foot over my head, keeping my right leg extended, land my chest on my bed with my face scarcely touching the mattress. I seamlessly continue into rolling 90 degrees to my right while pushing off with my left leg so as to turn 90 degrees to the left in the plane of the bed. I reach laying-in-bed-facing-the-TV triumphantly and finish by raising my left arm and flourishing my hand like all the gymnasts do to signify the start and end of their routine.

… in reality:
I get up on my left knee, my back still to my bed, extend my right leg out sideways as far as it’ll go. No clue where my right arm or hand is. I put my left hand on the seat of the chair, and grunt as I force my body off the floor. My right foot barely misses kicking the chair arm as it swings over to my right towards the bed. I flop on to the mattress like dead weight, my face just missing my pillow. I reverse direction to roll 180 degrees to my right so I’m facing the way I meant to be (note: this is the complete opposite of how I move in my head). I reach laying-in-bed-facing-the-TV triumphantly and finish by raising my left arm and flourishing my hand like all the gymnasts do to signify the start and end of their routine.

Part 2 of 2
Me after watching Olympic women’s diving:
I can’t do any of that.

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My Fantasies for Post Medical Residency

My fantasies for post medical residency:
- Volunteer to perform ultrasounds at pregnancy centers like Lennon Center
- Provide free medical evaluations and in office care to those living in a children’s shelter like Covenant House
- Go on at least one mission with Doctors Without Borders (this one is for that time between Aurora going off to college and grandchildren being born)
- Hold every baby that comes into my ward / office

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Wow, 25 years

Arlington High School Class of 1996 – Arlington, MA

AHS 25th Reunion
Friday, November 26, 2021
Knights of Columbus Hall, Arlington, MA
We would like to welcome members of the Class of 1995 and 1996 to come and celebrate together. Please spread the word!

Jennifer Michelle German
Yes! I wanna go! I’ll actually be in town too! But my attendance will completely depend on the status of the pandemic that week.

Alice Beth Tierney FitzPatrick
Author Admin
Absolutely understandable. I am going to stay hopeful that we can hold this event and that we keep each other safe and healthy.

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Scholarships Take Your TIME

Starting 5th day of applying for the same 6 scholarships. Now I know why I wasn’t able to apply for any while in school.

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