Outerspace is so interesting

I found out last night that Venus and Mars do not have magnetospheres. But Mercury does! WHAT?! Mercury doesn’t even have an atmosphere! (I knew this last one.)

However, Venus is still protected from solar wind because of its amazingly dense atmosphere! Crazy stuff!

Outerspace is so interesting.

Now I want to know the following for each planet (and dwarf planet). I forced myself to go to bed before I could do the research.
- How many Moons?
- How many Rings?
- Orbital plane inclination?
- Has an Atmosphere?
- Has a Magnetosphere?
- Is Layered / Has a Core?
- Larger or Smaller than Ganymede? (The largest moon in our solar system, one of Jupiter’s moons)
- Anything noteworthy about its Rotation?

Actually, to be factual:
- Venus does has an extremely weak magnetosphere, but it’s useless
- Mercury does kind of have an atmosphere, but it’s SO tiny, thin, and variable it’s just the exosphere part of an atmosphere. It doesn’t keep in heat, it doesn’t do much of anything that an atmosphere does.

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Solar System Explained From the Inside Out (Infographic)

From Space.com. This is fantastic. View the image, then scroll down.


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Astronaut Class of 2017

Congrats Astronaut Class of 2017!

5 women, 7 men. Decent ratio there! The last class was 50 / 50.

3 minorities out of 12. They did better than the last class (which was 1 out of 8, in 2013).


In case you missed it, we just announced the Astronaut Class of 2017! Our 12 new astronaut candidates were chosen from more than 18,300 applicants, more than double the previous record of 8,000 set in 1978. Get to know them: https://nasa.tumblr.com/…/16155…/meet-americas-newastronauts

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Blessed to Be Able to

On my way to take the MCATs 2 1/2 weeks go, I had a LOT of energy from anticipation. I was also excited: FINALLY! I am getting to move forward, to take a step forward, on this path towards becoming a doctor! But nervous energy or no, I needed to burn it off. So I turned on some music and sang and “danced” as I drove.

After I was settled, I started thinking about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – one of the subjects I needed to know for the test – and I felt VERY thankful. All my needs are met: physical (food, shelter, clothing, etc), safety (relatively, being in Ann Arbor) and security (job, emergency fund, experience, etc), love and belonging (my children, family, friends, single Mom’s group, church), and even esteem. Not only are all my needs met, but I have the opportunity now for self-actualization, I was on my way to try and achieve more of my potential. I’m just SO BLESSED, and I was feeling it strongly that morning. Have to thank God, and all the support I’ve had in my life.

Thank You!

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More things I need to post about, 1

- My Cousin Oreese Reesie’s birthday party. It was SO great. I got to talk, really talk, with family. And we talked about so much interesting stuff, including outer space! One of the highlights for me was my other cousin Leslie’s (Reesie’s older sister) youngest son overhearing the talk about Ceres and joining in the conversation!! Another of the highlights was getting to go head to head in debate with Reesie, and actually being awake enough and not distracted by kids to have enough brain power to keep up with him! Twice! As in, on two different topics. The venue was beautiful, thanks to Tamara, Reesie’s wife, and everything went over so well. The next morning I felt so great, the feeling of happiness and joy from that evening carried me for quite a while. Thanks to all!

- This past Memorial Day weekend. It was really bad to start. See the post about Aurora’s tongue. But, Saturday evening was good. On Friday I started feeling sad that we weren’t going Up North camping this year for Mem Day. No one else was going, and I wasn’t going to drive all that way to try and manage my two girls and opening up the cottage all by myself! But, that might have been the wrong decision. I need Up North to recenter myself, my brain. To rejuvenate me and calm me. I know that being with my family is a big part of that. Camping Up North at the family lot, doing some of the traditional things, is also part of that. And without family, I didn’t think I was interested. But I was wrong. I really wanted to go. But it wasn’t feasible by this point, Friday. I had plans already for the weekend, and I did not have enough money to go. So, I decided on Friday, we would go camping out in the backyard, and borrow the neighbors’ fire pit so we could sing around a fire and make S’mores! It would have to be Saturday night, because Sunday was supposed to rain and storm. (Hence my push to have the camp out despite Aurora’s accident.) Then on Monday we had plans to go to the beach with Dad, Colette, and Joy. Saturday evening paid off, we all had fun! And waking up from camping with my girls was great too. Sunday was nice, with thanks to Courtney for coming over to hang out and helping me care for the hedges / bushes in my yard! That helped calm my mind. Then Monday at the state park in the Irish Hills was just what I needed to solidify the weekend. Being out in nature, with family, just relaxing and playing… it was the perfect end to the weekend. We got home and everything looked different, like we’d been away for a long weekend! I was so great to be able to recreate the Up North feelings and just get away and get an _actual_ vacation! Even it if was just an hour and a half on Saturday and four hours on Monday. So good. Especially after such a horrible start to the weekend.

- Mother’s Day. Which I can’t really remember now. It was the day after Reesie’s birthday party. And I remember we did not go to a Mother’s Day buffet like I always do every year. Because I couldn’t afford it this year with the other plans happening in the weeks all around it. I was sad about that, but in the end I had a happy Mother’s Day. I just wish I could remember why…. I remember I had wanted to post about it though! Maybe I already did?

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Putting my Electrical Engineering major with Mechanical Engineering minor to use

I fixed (mostly) the DVD player in my TV! And only one screw left over….

Next up, the broken brake on my bicycle and putting a rail on the ramp in my garage.

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Tony England

P.S. – An astronaut works in Ann Arbor now. :D

(no, not me)

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Feeling Honored

Nothing like a child thinking you’re the “awesomest person around” after reading your SSA bio to make you stay up past your bed time researching astronomy clubs and events available to children. Whew! Long email I just sent, I hope it helps.

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Found this while I was looking for real color pictures of our 7 planet neighbors. I was thinking of making just this thing for my Summer SSA event! (Though with a few differences, such as no “are your retinas burning?” and “is it attached to a boat?”.) Now I don’t have to!

How to Identify That Light in the Sky
APOD: 2014 June 9 - How to Identify a Light in the Sky

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Non-Polar Amino Acids Song

To the tune of “Daughters of Triton”:

We are the non-polar Aminos
Seven of us you need to know:
. . It’s H makes it non-chrial
. . It’s the next smallest of all
. . you almost lost it
. . and it’s opposite
. . just like the rest
. . it’s has an S
And then there is the strangest in it’s circular debut
It is NOT aromatic so please don’t get confused
The N of it’s amino group is part of it’s side chain
It’s our sister, Pro (oh) line!

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