The Queen Has Died

It doesn’t matter she wasn’t our monarch. She has been Queen Elizabeth my entire life, she’s been Queen Elizabeth my parents’ entire lives. Queen Elizabeth has always been queen of England for three generations. She has been a figure in the world, of everybody’s world, for all of our collective lives. A piece of the unchanging background that is our Earth has disappeared. That does not go unnoticed or unmourned.

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Yesterday’s Motivation

Yesterday’s motivation (I was having a rough day). Envisioning having this with my name on it:

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Random Dr. Advice to Med Student

Good advice I just got from random doctor getting coffee in break room that I want to remember but don’t have time to write it all out:
Determine your desired impact lvl.
95% is not attainable
Need to find the type of medicine to practice that will get you your 1%.

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First Day of Preceptorship

On my way to first day of preceptorship:
Car mirror has a run in with tree, tree wins.

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Huntsville, AL

White coat / Docent at U.S. Space and Rocket Center: So what do you think of Huntsville?

Me: I think all the fear people instilled in me was overblown.

Docent: Huntsville is different from the rest of Alabama.

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Family Space Camp

Don’t want to leave. But there’s nothing else to do here. We had fun and frustration, too much waiting, but the second day was much better because I knew what to expect time and food wise, so I was able to plan and handle everything so much better. Overall a good time!

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Wow, one act of kindness and life is good again.

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Medical School at the Back of the Pack

So I wanted to make a video about what it’s like in medical school at the back of the pack. Then I thought, it’d be a whole lot easier if there was already a video out there for like racing or something that I could adapt / meme. Instead of a video, I found this. And now I have no need to make a video or write a really long post.
This is it right here. This is Medical School.

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Angry but

Being SO angry but not having the energy to actually experience anger is an odd feeling.

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Things That Just Happen to Humans

Taught last week that I forgot to post:
Prof today said we are expected to get one of the following in our lifetimes. “These are things that just happen” to humans. They are common. They aren’t prevented by living healthy lifestyles (though they are more common for people with underlying conditions or who don’t live healthy lifestyles):
- Bowel obstruction
- Apendicitis
- Kidney stone(s)
- Gall stone(s)

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