It’s Too Much

3 funerals in 2 weeks.
4 funerals in 5 months.
5 funerals in 1 year.

Okay 2018, you can be over now. I’ll give up this Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Winter snow. Let’s jump right to 2019 and stop decimating (literal use of that word, it’s pretty accurate) my family.

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Mom Obituary

Though the picture looks better in color:
Marjory German’s Obituary


GERMAN, The Honorable Marjory A. (Collins) Of Arlington, MA, October 4, age 67. Daughter of the late Oreese and Edna Collins. Loving mother of Jennifer M. German of MI. and J. Michael German and his wife Rebecca Lambert of Arlington, MA. Loving Grandmama to Amber, Aurora, and Kathryn. Sister of Oreese Collins Jr. and Hester S. Pernell of MI. Also survived by 2 godsons, many nieces & nephews, great-nieces & nephews, and dear friends. Marjory loved helping children as a Juvenile Court Judge, and her service as a Public Defender of the Commonwealth beforehand. She was committed to her community and her alma mater University of Michigan Law. She made many contributions to education and to the understanding of Black history. She sewed and baked for fun and family. Visiting hours on Mon. October 8 from 3:00 to 7:00pm at the DeVito Funeral Home, 1145 Mass Avenue, ARLINGTON, MA. Funerals on Tues. October 9 at 1:00pm at Pilgrim Congregational Church, 55 Coolidge Avenue, Lexington, MA and on Sat. October 13 at Pye Funeral Home, 17600 Plymouth Rd, Detroit, MI.
Published in The Boston Globe on Oct. 7, 2018

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Exhausted is when you sleep 9 hours, wake up and eat, and are still tired.
I shall try not to use that word improperly anymore.
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At 7:58pm last evening (Oct 4, 2018), Mom passed away

At 7:58pm last evening (Oct 4, 2018), Mom passed away. She was comfortable and transitioned peacefully.

Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement and support.

Visiting hours will be on Monday October 8 from 3:00 to 7:00pm at the DeVito Funeral Home, 1145 Mass Ave, Arlington.

There will be two funeral services:

* The one in Massachusetts will be on Tuesday, October 9 at 1pm at the Pilgrim Congregational Church, 55 Coolidge Avenue, Lexington.

* The one in Michigan will be on Saturday, October 13 at the Pye Funeral Home, 17600 Plymouth Rd, Detroit. Time forthcoming. Burial will follow this service.

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We are in vigil now.

I went and saw Mom yesterday. Played music for her. Reminisced. Reassured her. She will be well remembered.

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I never thought I’d be planning my Mom’s funeral

From last night:
I never thought I’d be planning my Mom’s funeral.

I don’t know why I never thought that. There’s only really 3 possibilities of who’d be doing it (Michael, Me, Michael and I). But the thought never logically crossed my mind.

This isn’t making me sad (yet), just one of those “Huh” moments.

Please note: Mom has NOT died. We are making arrangements (hopefully well) in advance.

From Em today:
This is perfect. :)

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HAPPY FALL EQUINOX! :D :D Let the seasoning begin!!

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Explanation for Part of Dr. Strange Movie

On Tuesday I finally say Dr. Strange (the 2016 one).

Wednesday night, I got to see the story of how the man ended up with a bullet against the cerebral spinal fluid at the bottom of his brain and why his generic wife and 2 kid family was waiting at the hospital with him. I saw this story while I slept.

It involved a highly intelligent bear (thought not quite high enough) provoking the man by individually threatening the members of man’s family while they were out on a family trip, that therefore had to turn into a hunting trip, and the bear being painfully patient (and seemingly annoyed) but also taunting in a droll way while the man loaded, assembled (yes, in that order), and then un-secured his gun. Now that I think of it, reminds me of Pa prepping his gun in the Little House on the Prairie books. Anyway, the bullet in the man’s neck / head was his own, somehow deflected and reflected by a contraption the bear apparently had set up beforehand (which explains why the bear was willing to extend and draw out the perceived threatening attacks on the family members in a very specific location), so that the man accidentally shot himself in the back of the head. And while that shot moved too fast for me to see how the contraption worked, it was also slow enough that the man got off another shot to save his family from the bear.

It was a very delusional dream. It didn’t even seem like a solid story line while it’s going on, thought it was very creative and mildly entertaining. It became ludicrous once I woke up and the laws of reality were back in play. Still, I was pleased to have an answer to that ridiculous, clearly not thought through, set up for making Dr. Strange awesome for a second and third time at the beginning of the movie.

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Sleep Shape

One night this past weekend I noticed that Aurora sometimes still sleeps in the same shape she did as a baby: a crescent. Aw, it was a cute reminiscence.

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I know I have broken my policy of not posting current political events issues.


I have been so angry the last 3 days and nights, I haven’t been able to sleep. This is destroying me, I’m so tired it’s affecting my daily life. I can’t stay quiet anymore.

Monday, I had a sudden realization that “children” also means Toddlers and Babies. Young children, toddlers, babies, those under 6, under 8, have been taken away from their parents – even their siblings. They have been placed with strangers. They have no ability to know why. All they know is their safety net is gone. Even those who may be very social, will eventually want, look for, and emotionally need their family. But no family member will be there. The children will be confused, scared, and eventually cry in fear. Only to be surrounded by other children too young to console them and adults who won’t (or can’t).

Last night Aurora woke up scared. She started to make her way to my room, but her calling for me had woke me up so I met her part way. I hugged her and escorted her back to bed, assuring her everything was okay. She laid back down in bed, and after I put her blanket over her legs she calmed down and fell right back to sleep.

I, however, could not fall back asleep. I lay in bed trying to find a way to dreamland, but could only think about those children – awake in the dark of night, crying for their mom or dad… who never come…

Because of our current government.

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