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It Is Time

I have heard the warning. It is time. The Deep Winter Coat will be worn.

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Recap of the Last Two Weeks and Beyond

It’s after 8pm and I’m not tired for the first time in… well in a long time! I was starting to wonder yesterday if my tiredness at the end of each day was a symptom of the depression. Coupled with … Continue reading

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Recent musings #1: Winter Skins

Recent musings #1: Last week it was 39° and partly Sunny here in Ann Arbor. I was outside without gloves or hat and with my coat unzipped. Amber didn’t even want to wear her coat. I saw a man out … Continue reading

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Today’s thought

I don’t need a man. I need a plow. The driver’s gender is irrelevant.

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I didn’t go to the store for this purpose, but…

We have milk and Hostess cupcakes. I think we’re ready for this storm.

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Tentatively, yes that was a meteor. If so, it was actually bright enough to be considered a fireball. It might also have been a bolide, which is a fireball that explodes in the sky. The reason that is being considered … Continue reading

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Near Perfect Rain

Spent a little time outside today in the nice warm-ish rain. :) Mmmm

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I loathe Summer

Summer is awful. I despise Summer. I loathe Summer. I’m glad so many of you are out there enjoying it. I truly am. Someone should, so it’s not just a waste of a season. But, I’m not one of you. … Continue reading

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Snow and Rain

I meant to post back in December: I still can’t help but be happy in snow. :) *happy sigh* Tonight, it’s raining. I want to be upset that it’s so warm in the middle of Winter, I want to be … Continue reading

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Visual Description Lost…

I saw possibly the most beautiful sunrise I ever have (definitely top 2) from our dining room window last Tuesday morning. I WISH I could remember it in detail like I could on Wednesday, so I could write about the … Continue reading

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