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Aerospace Medicine!

AEROSPACE MEDICINE! It’s a real thing! It’s a real medical residency! I COULD TRAIN TO BE AN ASTRONAUT Dr!!

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Huntsville, AL

White coat / Docent at U.S. Space and Rocket Center: So what do you think of Huntsville? Me: I think all the fear people instilled in me was overblown. Docent: Huntsville is different from the rest of Alabama.

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Family Space Camp

Don’t want to leave. But there’s nothing else to do here. We had fun and frustration, too much waiting, but the second day was much better because I knew what to expect time and food wise, so I was able … Continue reading

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Giving Myself a Break

I remember a post, I believe it was shared by Erin, in which the final message was: – if you hate the world and everything for no specific reason, you need to eat – if you think everyone hates you, … Continue reading

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Our Solar System by Backyard Astronomy Guy

Fellow SSA Backyard Astronomy Guy assembled this graphic from pictures he personally has taken over the years. And it’s AMAZING! (FAQ: Where’s Earth? Answer: Since he can’t take a picture of Earth from Earth, he put the Moon in its … Continue reading

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John Glenn or Alan Shepard?

— WARNING: This is long. I may ramble a bit. But it’s because I get excited about this kind of humans in outer space stuff! — I saw the Hidden Figures movie again a month or so ago. It sent … Continue reading

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Geek Alert!

I’m such a Geek, lol! LEGO is giving a free ISS patch to Lego VIPs with purchase of the International Space Station set, and I’m just as excited to get the patch as I am the Lego set!

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ISS Top Fan!

Sooo, I was just given the “Top Fan Badge” by the International Space Station on Facebook. :D

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Girl Scout Astronauts

Apparently I made a mistake when I applied to be an astronaut in 2012/2013 by not mentioning I had been a Girl Scout!

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How to Prepare Yourself for Space

From the NY Times magazine, May 5th.

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