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Don’t give up and die, Just rest your weak eyes. The End has come and gone But life keeps moving on. When you wake you’ll see Then you can stay with me. —————————— I started writing this at the beginning … Continue reading

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Eating My Favorite Soup

Mm it tastes like happiness. Too bad I can’t feel that too. Just have to keep tasting it, that is the best I can do. (For the record, my favorite soup is butternut squash without pepper. Panera Bread’s Autumn Squash … Continue reading

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As Requested by Dorthy – I Wrote a Psalm

I love to hear the rain   the rhythmic sound against the leaves,   the trees, the ground, my skin I love to feel the rain   gently falling on my face,   on my eyelids, on my lips To … Continue reading

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Mama’s Got You

Normally throughout my day I make up little ditties or sing different words to real songs. Yesterday I came out with a poem instead of a song. Night before last Aurora woke up twice in the night crying, the second … Continue reading

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2009 Poem

When seconds become precious And moments are their last Do you spend them in the now or the past? Is it about what you say? Where you are or what you do? Does either hope or fear help get you … Continue reading

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Mama Bear

(It’s a start:) I birthed my child, She is part of me So I know My glad responsibility To protect from harm Be it outside or in My Little Love’s life And heart, mind, and limb From dangers to strangers, … Continue reading

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Amber’s Song

This was started around the time Amber was one, a bit before I think. The second verse was added around the time she was 1 and half, maybe 21 months. Obviously it’s not finished. Don’t know if I will be … Continue reading

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Oh Nor’Easter Been a long time All of Nature bows to your might … or breaks beneath it Good for sledding Great for snowmen making Not so cold we can’t stay outside Hard to shovel Damn that plow! No snow … Continue reading

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Halloween Poem I Love

I haven’t posted this in a few years. Here’s the Halloween Poem I Love: A Pagan’s “Halloween” Poem author unknown ‘Twas the evening of Samhain, and all through the place Were pagans preparing the ritual space. The candles were set … Continue reading

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For Lisa

I’ve tried to find the words to say How I feel about you going away But they always come out so mean And that’s not how they should seem So instead I’ve been staying away Not calling anymore to come … Continue reading

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