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Planets vs Moons – Location! Location! Location!

I don’t want to lose this AGAIN: it’s here. Brewster Rockit: Space Guy! comic strip from June 01, 2014 showing the 7 largest moons in our solar system to scale with Mercury and Pluto.

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Family Fort Time

Today Amber helped me build a fort, then the girls and I drank hot chocolate and read books in our fort for at least 45 minutes. It was wonderful. Just what the family needed.

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Call Me

When I was a kid, this is what parents give their children to make sure that the kids had a way to call them in an emergency! UPDATE: Actually, now I think I remember Mom got this for me when … Continue reading

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Mars Rovers!

In honor of the “Mars Rovers!” lesson I will be teaching tomorrow at a local elementary school, here is a picture of the 3 generations of Mars Rovers. It’s a real picture too! “How?” I hear you ask, as you … Continue reading

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Astronauts for Halloween!

First off, Amber chose to be an astronaut this year. Yes! And it was all on her own! No prompting or hinting from me, though I was very happy she picked that! Later I asked if Aurora could be an … Continue reading

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Solar Eclipse Viewing Party 2017

Rough estimates put attendance at 3,000+. We were expecting maybe a little over 1,000… So, our plans for this event were shot away. Enough people had shown up far enough in advance the library couldn’t even set up two of … Continue reading

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Solar System Explained From the Inside Out (Infographic)

From This is fantastic. View the image, then scroll down.

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Putting my Electrical Engineering major with Mechanical Engineering minor to use

I fixed (mostly) the DVD player in my TV! And only one screw left over…. Next up, the broken brake on my bicycle and putting a rail on the ramp in my garage.

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I realized that if anything happens to me, I don’t want the police or media using one of those awful pictures you always see of people to find me or eulogize me. I mean really, do they go out of … Continue reading

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