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10 gallons!

10 gallons! Whole blood, plasma, and platelet donations. 26 years. It can be done!!! American Red Cross Blood Donors in MA, Detroit, Livonia, Ann Arbor, and various other MI locations American Red Cross Platelet Donors Group in Livonia and Ann … Continue reading

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Our 4th of July

Good food, deer, fireworks, Smores and real ice cream cones at Dad and Colette’s. Fireworks video out on the condo lawn. Camping-in in the living room for the night. A good substitute for the real thing during COVID-19!

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We’re set for the (MA) governor’s order going into effect tomorrow. 2 adult medium masks, 1 adult small, 1 child, and 2 toddler masks. Whew.

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Our Solar System by Backyard Astronomy Guy

Fellow SSA Backyard Astronomy Guy assembled this graphic from pictures he personally has taken over the years. And it’s AMAZING! (FAQ: Where’s Earth? Answer: Since he can’t take a picture of Earth from Earth, he put the Moon in its … Continue reading

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New Home Office

My new home office is set up. Heh. (Though still planning to get a keyboard.)

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Just chillin’ with my peeps. :)

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Look what Amber and I saw on our walk today!

Katie Colman: Snow drops! Spring is getting very close if these guys are out. Next are Crocuses. Jennifer Michelle German: Which, I think, are the green stems in the far back left of the picture. Katie Colman: The ones on … Continue reading

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We made a fort yesterday. :)

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Mother’s Day 2019

A little late in posting, but still worth the smile. Amber made breakfast in bed for me for Mother’s Day. :) The girls each frosted their own cupcake for me at Meijer the day before. And I got homemade cards … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day?

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