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Shower Sans Kids

Every Sunday morning I take a shower. Two weeks ago I made it through my whole shower without a child coming to find me, coming into the bathroom, complaining or yelling. (I first noticed when I was washing then conditioning … Continue reading

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Watch Out What You Offer

Yesterday was my last “midterm” exam, and all papers / videos / debates already done. Final exams start next Friday, with an important class day on Tuesday. So I told my kids if they’re going to get sick, as in … Continue reading

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Eating My Favorite Soup

Mm it tastes like happiness. Too bad I can’t feel that too. Just have to keep tasting it, that is the best I can do. (For the record, my favorite soup is butternut squash without pepper. Panera Bread’s Autumn Squash … Continue reading

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Sahara’s Obituary

*deep breath* Okay, here we go.

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It’s Too Much

3 funerals in 2 weeks. 4 funerals in 5 months. 5 funerals in 1 year. Okay 2018, you can be over now. I’ll give up this Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Winter snow. Let’s jump right to 2019 and stop decimating … Continue reading

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Sleep Shape

One night this past weekend I noticed that Aurora sometimes still sleeps in the same shape she did as a baby: a crescent. Aw, it was a cute reminiscence.

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I So Want to Be Here

Yesterday I went to orientation for MEDPREP. I *SO* want to be here. :( Last night I had normal (for me) dreams. I like my dreams. If only I could get back to this everyday. Side Note (because I keep … Continue reading

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Why is your foot in my ear?

Filed under questions you never thought you would ever ask, but then you had kids: “Why is your foot in my ear?” – Me, last night, while sitting in a chair

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Joy Joke

So we’re having dinner at my step-sister Liz and her husband Ben’s new house. It’s a Sunday, mid-December. My other step-sister Joy is there too, as are my Dad and step-Mom Colette. Joy is her usual funny self, making puns … Continue reading

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Astronauts for Halloween!

First off, Amber chose to be an astronaut this year. Yes! And it was all on her own! No prompting or hinting from me, though I was very happy she picked that! Later I asked if Aurora could be an … Continue reading

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