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Missing Out?

Me seeing all the posts / announcements / invites for Medical School social events (especially those with free food or dancing): Aw, I really would like to go. It’d be so much fun. I’d love to see my classmates. I … Continue reading

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The Past 4 Days

Thursday was the Autumnal Equinox (at 9-ish pm EDT) and here in MI the weather took the change of seasons VERY seriously! We went from 80s and humid on Wed (UCK! YUCK!!!) to 40s in under 12 hours, with daytime … Continue reading

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Family Space Camp

Don’t want to leave. But there’s nothing else to do here. We had fun and frustration, too much waiting, but the second day was much better because I knew what to expect time and food wise, so I was able … Continue reading

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Drawings on Wall

Aurora recently drew on the playroom wall behind the couch. She also signed her name. So I knew which child did it!

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So, Amber’s PE teacher lost power during virtual class yesterday. Today he is asking what happened to the class and if they exercised after he was dropped. Amber’s response: “I exercised the limits of my patience.”

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Party Time?

My first “post”-pandemic party (even though the pandemic isn’t over). It was inside. Set up beautifully for the warehouse transformed into baseball / softball practice zone that it was! No one, not one person, wore a mask. But no one … Continue reading

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Prepping for German-Lambert Visit

Mon, Tues, Wed with the kids in isolation were decent! Today was rough for/with Aurora. Only 2 more days and things get good again UPDATE July 10, 2021, 9:03pm: Friday was decently good! Today went well enough, and then all … Continue reading

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Are You Everybody’s Mom?

Last week Aurora asked me, “Are you everybody’s Mom?” I responded matter-of-factly, “No.” “Well, yes,” I added quietly after a second of hesitation. I tipped my head slightly side to side. “I mean, kinda.” “Why all the doctors call you … Continue reading

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I realized today that trips to the library have now been replaced with trips to the blue mailbox. (To mail letters. And trips to the black mailbox to check for new mail!)

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Aurora would like some mail, please. If you can send her a card, PM me for the address. (And Amber too, but I made this request because I knew Amber was about to get a couple cards.)

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