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Toys Я Us Child

This has been rattling around in my head for months. Finally finished it: Guess I have to grow up Can’t be a Toys Я Us kid There are no more toys, they went the way That other stores did Like … Continue reading

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My Pledge

I pledge no allegiance To any flag Nor any republic it stands for. I am a human Of our Earth, One people, Evolved by God, Taking care of each other, With liberty and justice For ALL

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Aurora Said It All

Aurora, panicky: Ahhh! Run! Mama’s coming! Aurora, soothingly: It’s okay. She’s not a monster. Aurora, calmly: She’s a good Mama.

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Harvard 20th Reunion Report

My second daughter being due in June of 2015 prevented me from attending our last reunion. While that was a bit of a disappointment to me, she’s worth it! She needed ear tubes when she was 20 months old, and … Continue reading

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A Decent Day Looks Like This

And then there are days like today. Woke up feeling pretty good. Did chores. Had a nice time with the girls. Got stuff done. Relaxed a little. My Uncle called to check on me. My BFSC called me. Got to … Continue reading

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BAD Evening, GOOD Morning

Yesterday evening was bad. Worse than I’ve been in months. I watching an episode about the main character realizing she’s addicted to pain pills, and at the end I thought how nice it could be if I had some happy … Continue reading

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ISS Top Fan!

Sooo, I was just given the “Top Fan Badge” by the International Space Station on Facebook. :D

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I thought I could.

But I fell asleep.

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Misused Power

I tried to use Sabrina Spellman powers to close the bathroom door so I wouldn’t hear the toilet run at night. I blew it! If I had Sabrina’s powers, I could have just fixed the toilet leak!

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Reply to the Minister

This was from the assistant minister at my church: “I just heard from James, he stops by often during the week, that you were upset with Bob for something and I wanted to check in with that. We pastors always … Continue reading

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