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My Lyrics for Halloween

It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year! With kids trick-or-treating And everyone greeting With candy and cheer! It’s the most wonderful tiiime, of the year!

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Astronauts for Halloween!

First off, Amber chose to be an astronaut this year. Yes! And it was all on her own! No prompting or hinting from me, though I was very happy she picked that! Later I asked if Aurora could be an … Continue reading

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AADL Nerd Nite Solar Eclipse Presentation

Oh YAY! The Ann Arbor District Library posted my short talk on the Aug Eclipse that I did for Nerd Nite Ann Arbor! You can view it here, if you want to see me do a presentation despite the topic … Continue reading

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So Hard

It’s been so hard getting over the Summer slump and forcing myself back to working on getting into Med School, especially with Summer lasting so far into September. BLAH. But I did. It’s not an immediate path anymore, I have … Continue reading

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The Wounds of Dementia

I imagine this is what my Mother, and others like her, feel like these days. I’ve never heard this song this way before, not sure I’ll ever hear it the original way again. “I must be looking for something / … Continue reading

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Been researching Ceres (dwarf planet in the asteroid belt) and the NASA Dawn mission for my presentation in early October. It’s all more fascinating than I already thought!

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Eclipse Viewing Party 2017 – The Long Version

1) Here in Ann Arbor, 82% of Sun coverage, attendance was estimated by the library to be between 2,500 and 3,000 based on door count and that people walked away after glasses were handed out. I was still able to … Continue reading

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Blood Journey

I just got a notification from the Red Cross Blood Donor app that my blood has been sent to Cleveland Clinic. This is so cool! If you make an appointment to donate through the Blood Donor app, it will track … Continue reading

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Solar Eclipse Viewing Party 2017

Rough estimates put attendance at 3,000+. We were expecting maybe a little over 1,000… So, our plans for this event were shot away. Enough people had shown up far enough in advance the library couldn’t even set up two of … Continue reading

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Near Perfect Rain

Spent a little time outside today in the nice warm-ish rain. :) Mmmm

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