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ISS Top Fan!

Sooo, I was just given the “Top Fan Badge” by the International Space Station on Facebook. :D

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I thought I could.

But I fell asleep.

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Misused Power

I tried to use Sabrina Spellman powers to close the bathroom door so I wouldn’t hear the toilet run at night. I blew it! If I had Sabrina’s powers, I could have just fixed the toilet leak!

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Reply to the Minister

This was from the assistant minister at my church: “I just heard from James, he stops by often during the week, that you were upset with Bob for something and I wanted to check in with that. We pastors always … Continue reading

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Support Group – I Have a Question

Here’s what I sent to my grief support group email list: Hi Everyone, Question, if you’ve already been through it: How did you handle the anniversary of your parent’s death? Tomorrow is the anniversary of my Mom’s death. Today is … Continue reading

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Pretending to be patiently waiting for Halloween time to begin. Meanwhile, very happy Fall started early!

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So this is life

Two weeks ago (Aug 19 or 20): Things are really good. I mean, everything-going-my-way kind of good = great. My MCAT score is top notch, my med school app was verified early, I finished applying to U of M, I … Continue reading

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Don’t give up and die, Just rest your weak eyes. The End has come and gone But life keeps moving on. When you wake you’ll see Then you can stay with me. —————————— I started writing this at the beginning … Continue reading

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Lottery == All the Legos

At the grocery store on Saturday (Meijer), I paused at the Lego aisle for a moment, wistfully looking at some of the newer sets. You know how people say if they won the lottery (medium, like $100K to $500K) they … Continue reading

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Pam Rogers

I found out a few hours ago that Pam Rogers, Amy’s Mom, passed away and her funeral was this past Thursday (8/1). I am so saddened by this. Mom Rogers is gone. But I find myself also mourning that I … Continue reading

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