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It feels weird to be well.

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I’ll Be Here Yet Another Day

Yesterday (Sunday), I woke to the sounds of dry heaving from child 2. About 45 minutes ago I was woken by child 1 telling me she threw up in bed. Y’all have a nice day!

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REALLY SHORT VERSION: 12/26 – Flight to Honolulu, HI. (Island of Oahu.) Arrive at sundown. Drive to estate in Hau’ula, rented by my brother and his wife for the family. 27 of us in all! Surprise extra apartment has us … Continue reading

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The Trickiest Part

The trickiest part about fighting depression is being able to tell the difference between having fought tooth and nail to climb the sheer wall up towards the way out, stabbing a tentative handhold with each tooth and nail, pulling yourself … Continue reading

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Toys Я Us Child

This has been rattling around in my head for months. Finally finished it: Guess I have to grow up Can’t be a Toys Я Us kid There are no more toys, they went the way That other stores did Like … Continue reading

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My Pledge

I pledge no allegiance To any flag Nor any republic it stands for. I am a human Of our Earth, One people, Evolved by God, Taking care of each other, With liberty and justice For ALL

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Aurora Said It All

Aurora, panicky: Ahhh! Run! Mama’s coming! Aurora, soothingly: It’s okay. She’s not a monster. Aurora, calmly: She’s a good Mama.

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Harvard 20th Reunion Report

My second daughter being due in June of 2015 prevented me from attending our last reunion. While that was a bit of a disappointment to me, she’s worth it! She needed ear tubes when she was 20 months old, and … Continue reading

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A Decent Day Looks Like This

And then there are days like today. Woke up feeling pretty good. Did chores. Had a nice time with the girls. Got stuff done. Relaxed a little. My Uncle called to check on me. My BFSC called me. Got to … Continue reading

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BAD Evening, GOOD Morning

Yesterday evening was bad. Worse than I’ve been in months. I watching an episode about the main character realizing she’s addicted to pain pills, and at the end I thought how nice it could be if I had some happy … Continue reading

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