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Good Movie, Mostly

Finished watching “The Martian” tonight. Started it on Oct. 3rd. Continued it on Oct. 7th. Got about 1 minute past the “7 months later” part and called it quits. Then picked the movie back up today (Mar. 9) and managed … Continue reading

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Planets vs Moons – Location! Location! Location!

I don’t want to lose this AGAIN: it’s here. Brewster Rockit: Space Guy! comic strip from June 01, 2014 showing the 7 largest moons in our solar system to scale with Mercury and Pluto.

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The Crib Is Gone… :(

I sold the convertible crib today. *sad pout* I don’t have any more babies…. The buyer at the store commented on how nice the crib was despite it’s age (9 years), how it was well made and whatnot. She remembered … Continue reading

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It Is Time

I have heard the warning. It is time. The Deep Winter Coat will be worn.

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My W2 came today! I can do my taxes! Once I get all the other stuff done….

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My 40th Birthday Party

Here’s some of what you missed not being at my 40th birthday party. I’ve also posted a video of my birthday dance performance.

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My Birthday Dance

Here’s just one of the performances you missed (or saw!) at my birthday party tonight.

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So Much for Epic

Planned my party for 50 people Bringing enough to serve 35 Hoping 10 can show up

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Jennifer’s Epic 40th

Tomorrow! After the snow is done! Come out and have some fun! Jennifer’s Epic 40th Birthday Party! SAT, JAN 19 Michigan Academy of Dance & Music ยท Dexter, MI

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Watched Fuller House and cried today (2 episodes, last ep of 4th season and 1st ep of series, cried during both). It was good. A needed cry. Not so much cathartic. More like sweet memories that remind of the loss. … Continue reading

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