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    I've been collecting my writings from years gone by as I find them. Each time I move - now 5 times in the last 3 years - I find more scraps, loose sheets, etc. with my thoughts from various times in my life. I've decided to copy as many of them as I can here to try and keep from losing them again, and to share with the world. Please feel free to comment as thoughts occur to you. Either send them to trekker9er@yahoo.com or use the comment links here. Thanks, and Enjoy!

    Friday, December 09, 2005


    That's a whole lotta snow

    Indication #1 - Snow is accumulating on your windshield while you are driving.

    Indication #2 - An hour after you walk from your garage to your door, your footprints in the already 1"+ of snow are half filled in.

    :) Lova the snow.


    Tuesday, December 06, 2005


    Hosting Christmas

    I'm hosting Christmas this year! I'm so excited!

    Yesterday all I wanted to do was have the work day be over so I could go out shopping for Christmas Lights and cords and a timer to decorate outside the condo with, and for other things I'm going to need like more lights for indoors and for the tree (I believe all I have was one small strand that works for my little fake tree I used to put up in my dorm rooms) and another storage bin and an advent calendar.

    I spent WAY TO MUCH money. But $40+ of that ended up on groceries not for Christmas, and $10 was for a chair I need for the office, so I guess I didn't spend way too much, just A LOT.

    When I got home, I cooked dinner and ate, but then didn't want to do much else other than start getting Christmas stuff up! I decided to start with the guest bathroom as that's one of the two places I had everything for, and it was too COLD to go out and decorate the outside. Though I realized I do want to decorate outside at night so I can see if I've spaced the lights properly. That's gonna be tonight's project! I'm also planning to move one of my extraneous little dressers into the guest room so Mom (and in the future any other longer than overnight guests I have) doesn't have to live out of her suitcase.

    There is SO much I didn't even think of for decorating! Like I bought a set of matching towels, hand towels and washcloths for my guest bathroom. And two kitchen towels, though I couldn't find matching oven gloves :( And while I was oo-ing and aw-ing and hemming and hawing over which of those to buy, there were also things like table runners and napkin holders and place mats I was looking at. I have a table cloth I made a couple years ago for the holidays, and a winter table cloth with matching napkins for before that. But I love table runners! I decided to check on what Christmas fabrics I have and make one for myself that I'll really like, as the ones in the store were only catching my eye because they were runners, not because I liked the designs on them. There was a set of placemats I really really nearly loved, but I'm very much not a placemat fan. So I will have to decide if they would match my tablecloth/runner and Christmas dishes well enough before I decide to buy them.

    The bathroom towels are very cute, but once I had cleaned up the guest bathroom, fixed the toilet, and put the new towels and the travel sized toiletries out, the bathroom was noticeably bare with just the touch of decoration on the towels. I realized Mom and my Aunt(s) and people usually have decorations even in the bathroom besides just towels. Such as Mom puts on a Christmas seat cover. Aunt Bonnie has back of the toilet decorations. Mom has decorations in her glass cabinet. Etc....

    Which got me thinking about decorations around other places. Like I could/should put some in the guest room on that dresser I'm gonna be putting in there. And where am I going to put my Cresh? (That's another word for the manger scene). What about replacing the good stuff in my display cabinet with Christmas stuff? I don't think I have enough for this year, but if I have at least one of Nana's or Mom's light up ceramic trees I'll put that in there. It'd be really cool do to a whole winter or Christmas scene on one of the shelves though. I'm going to have to do some serious cleaning and getting normal everyday stuff into their proper places before I can start decorating the living and dining rooms. And then I'm going to have to decide which things I'll be taking down and packing away in order to have Christmas stuff up. It could be a process, every year as I get more Christmas stuff to display more normal stuff comes down during the Christmas season. I have those great shelves now I could be doing stuff with too, not just the display cabinet.

    I really want to change my place around (again) so that it's nicer, not so eclectic, looks well designed and matched. I just have a lot of things, most don't match, and many I'm not willing to toss. So I may not ever get to a living room and dining room look I want. But I only have very little Christmas stuff other than the dishes (that all match), which means I can at least have a nice Christmas set up if I am careful and do it right. The guest bathroom as my example. I probably already blew the kitchen, unless I can find the matching things to the towels I bought, but that's okay as to me the kitchen isn't a big deal.

    Wow, this is a lot longer than I intended. I guess I'm using it to track all the ideas I have and things I want for the home for hosting Christmas this year!

    Happy Holidays everyone!


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