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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

 It's Nice Having a Grandparent Again

I didn't think I would find spending time, alone, with my Ma as anything but boring or awkward. I was surprised to have actually enjoyed the experience! So before I left I made plans with her to go out to dinner again. And again, I had fun. Guess what I learned:

- My Pa (Mom's Father) was a boxer! And he was good too. Golden Glove. It's the reason the family is in Detroit! He and Ma are from Iowa. He won so many matches there that his manager told him he had to mode to Detroit to box there if he was going to have a real career. So he did. Ma followed him to Detroit. Then, after they were married and (I believe) my Uncle was born, Pa gave up boxing for his family. Ma has a *great* picture of Pa as a boxer.

- My Aunt, who's the Doctor with her own practice, didn't go to Med school until she was 27! See, I've got time.

- My older cousin who's a ward of the state because of her physical and mental disabilities, is still alive and well and in a group home not so far away.

- Ma has Parkinson's Disease. Someone said this to me years ago, and I told them they were wrong, that wasn't what she had. I said this because she only has small muscle problems in that her hands or arms or other muscles shake, nothing more. Well it turns out I was wrong, she does have Parkinson's, but (Thank God) it hasn't ever been as serious as most cases get.

The things you learn when you talk to older people. Ma's been widowed longer than I've been alive. It's so weird to think. But I have really been liking spending 2 hours or so with her going out to dinner. I'm starting to feel like I have a grandparent again. I only have one left, so it's a nice feeling.

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