I've been collecting my writings from years gone by as I find them. Each time I move - now 5 times in the last 3 years - I find more scraps, loose sheets, etc. with my thoughts from various times in my life. I've decided to copy as many of them as I can here to try and keep from losing them again, and to share with the world. Please feel free to comment as thoughts occur to you. Either send them to trekker9er@yahoo.com or use the comment links here. Thanks, and Enjoy!

Friday, March 11, 2005


This type of thing didn't work too well last time, but might as well try it again with a new thing:

I want everyone who reads this to ask me 4 questions. Any four, no matter how random. I have to answer them honestly. If you want, you can post this message in your own blog or journal, then you have to answer the questions that are asked of you.

Monday, March 07, 2005

 September 27, 1985 - For Parents Night

Dear Mom,
welcome to my class room Did you See my desk? How do you like the key I made? I like to go math in my room How do you like my favorite word? I hope you have a good time.

 November 1985 - Thankful For

Dear Parents,

this Thanksgiving Booklet.

Each child has written about one thing for which s/he is thankful this holiday.

Our best wishes for a Very Happy Thanksgiving.

Cynthia Caviani
    and The Second Graders


I am happy for my home because it is warm. I have a bedroom, and I can sleep on my bed. I like my bed because it is a bunkbed.
by Jennifer German

 Early 1986 - The Saddness of the Challenger

I feel sad that the astronaunts died. The space shuttle exploded in the air. My Mom called Allen School. Ms. Caviani told us. I cried because they died.

By Jennifer German

 June 1986 - Field Trip to U. of M. Museum

My Trip to the Museum

I like the tree stump fernfossil and the giantclam. But best of all I like the dinosaur footprints. Because it has two parts to it. But the bottom is not there. The fernfossil is realy neat same as the triceratops. I like the Museum a lot. The dinosaur that I like the best is ankylosaurus. The next one I like the best is the triceratops. The one that I don't like the best is Tyrannosaurus rex.
By Jennifer German

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