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Thursday, July 01, 2004

 April 30, 1990 - Time Capsule Writings

My elementary Academically Talented class had use build time capsules when we were in sixth grade. The capsule was to be opened in ten years on our birthday. The capsule was sealed May 8th, 1990, and I opened mine on January 16th, 2000. One of the items we put in were answers to a list of questions the teacher provided:

1) What is a typical day in your life like? Describe one.
2) What kinds of chores do you do?
3) What are some of your favorite games or activities?
4) What are some problems that kids today (who are your age) face? - I didn't answer this one.
5) What are five things that you value a lot or think of as very important to you? This doesn't necessarily mean objects, although you could decide to answer that way. It could mean things like friendship, doing what is expected of you, etc.
6) What goals do you hold for the future?
7) What are three things that aren't really strong goals but are things that you think you might enjoy doing?
8) What is the population of Arlington today?
9) List three major problems that exist today.
10) List three things that give you hope that the problems mentioned in #9 will be solved.
11) What are some questions that you would like to ask your "future self"?

Dated April 30, 1990, and all written in careful cursive, these are my answers:

1)       A typical school day in my life is like this. First, after I wake up, I get dressed. Second, I eat breakfast and then I get ready for school. I'm usually late for school. School starts at 8:30, ends at 2:15. After school I usually walk home. When I get home I call my mother, turn on the t.v., and do my homework. At 3:30 I watch Muppet Babies and at 4:30 I watch Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles. At 6:00 my mother comes home and Mike, Mom and I have dinner. Then I watch the 8 o' clock show and go to bed.

2)       The chores that I should do every Saturday is to clean the bathroom, sweep down the front stairs (sometimes), dust the wood furniture (sometimes), and wash the dishes that don't fit in the dishwasher (sometimes).

3)       Some of my favorite games are Life, Hotels, and Nentendo games like Super Mario Brothers and Super Mario Brothers 2, Bionic Camando, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Some of my favorite activities are building Legos, drawing, and watching T.V.

5)       Five things that I value alot are my family, my friends, drawing, reading (sometimes), and my life.

6)       When I grow up my goal is to become an architect or artist, be a wife, and have at least one child.

8)       The population of Arlington today is approximately 48, 219.

9)       Three major problems that exist today are drugs, the greenhouse effect, and polution.

10)       look at the buttons.

11)       Questions for my "future self"
                  Did I/you achieve my/your goals?
                  Am I/you divorced?
                  If I/you had a child or children how many boys and/or girls did I/you have?

7)       I would like to become president. I want to travel in other countries (France) before college. Did any of these happen?

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