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Sunday, April 04, 2004

 My Significant Other Checklist

I keep forgetting things on the list, and loosing the lists I write up for various reasons, so I've decided it's time to blog it.

Doesn't do drugs
Doesn't drink (preferably), or only drinks a couple socially
Wants children (someday)
I will NOT do the long distance relationship again
A job
A car
Treats me Right
Has own friends
Doesn't have to share same religious/spiritual beliefs, but has to be able to let me follow my own.

What I look for
Height: Taller than me
No pet dogs
Over 23 years old
35 or under years old
Uses vulgar speech or actions less than occasionally
Similar tastes in music (oldies, soft rock, disco, 80's pop, Motown, etc.)
An educational degree
Interest in Star Trek, or at least able to put up with my Star Trek obsession
Doesn't mind spending more time at my place, but also will leave when I say it's time to go
Someone who will stay when I seriously ask, even if it means missing something important
Someone who understands, and preferably even likes, family holidays and traditions
Not constantly down on themself
Body type that is not muscular (toned is fine, six-pack is iffy, "ripped" is bad)
Not Atheist

Questions to be answered
1) If we are in the same room but doing separate things - such as one person on the computer and one watching TV, or one reading a book, or whatnot - do you consider that time together or time apart?
2a) Would you prefer to be a part of my life or the center of my life?
2b) Would you prefer I be a part of your life or the center of your life?
3) Do you live with anyone? If so, whom?
4) Would you prefer an open relationship or exclusive?
5) Can you respect and honor my decision to remain a virgin until I am married?

Not required, but would be nice
... and likes to cook
Gives Good backrubs
Likes to cuddle
Likes to Dance
... and knows how to Dance
Likes a good debate, or conversation that keeps going off on tangents
Someone who uses capitals, punctuation, and the actual words instead of their single letter equivalents (such as are vs. r and you vs. u) when typing.

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