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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

My Wedding

It's true: every girl starts planning her wedding LONG before it's even a possibility. And despite my mostly non-girlie personality, I, too, can not escape the fantasizing.

On top of that, it seems every time I go to a wedding I see something in it that I want for my own wedding. Of course with my memory I don't usually remember everything I want for my wedding at any given time. And I'm sure my tastes have changed as I've grown, and will probably continue to do so until I actually get married (if ever). So I'm going to use this post to try and record every thing as I remember each one! Not that I actually expect to fall in love and get married, just that if by some miracle my future changes and I do, it'd be much easier to have this list pre-made to refer to.

First thing's First:   Hire a wedding planner, and give said person and my Mother this list. Mine is not to stress over this whole affair, mine is to say what I want and let the two of them deal with making it all happen!
Prep: Mom and I (and MoH if she's in the area) will tour spas to find the one we wish to use for the day before the wedding, when we shall go for an entire day to the spa to get relaxed, cleaned up, and done up: hair, nails, makeup, whatnot. FUN!
Flowers: Lilies. White for Bride's bouquet. Starburst for bridesmaids.
Time: Late Afternoon (eat Lunch before hand). Allows for dinner to be served at reception and for enough time for people to stay and dance and socialize before it gets too late, and for me to sleep as long as necessary the night before and still get ready and to the church on time.
Date: Closest of Winter Solstice or Spring Equinox, or depending on chosen style
Style: Either
  • Outside under Trees in full bloom (preferably Apple Blossoms), during daylight
  • Outside under stars (and Moon?) in open meadow/field of grass surrounded by trees, after dark obviously
  • Inside a church light *only* by candles, preferably after dark

Colors: Undecided, perhaps Gold and Rose (or some soft light Red color) or Silver instead of Gold
Officiator: Unknown, preferably religiously ordained
Maid of Honor: Only Time Will Tell (currently Emily)
Flower Girl: Only Time Will Tell (currently Kyanna)
Ring Bearer: Only Time Will Tell (currently unknown)
Size: Large. Invite all my family and friends and whomever Groom wants to invite. Easily 200+ people.
Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue: Maid of Honor's Responsibility
Shoes: Comfortable, as in flat tennis shoe soles, or bare foot!

    - Bride and Groom's Mothers begin ceremony with a pre-ceremony lighting of the bride's candle and groom's candle from the respective Family candles by the respective Mother. Mothers walk down aisle together, each on the side their family is seated on, and light the candles at the same time.

    - The BIG question: Who walks me down the aisle? Could be my Father or Brother (or perhaps Grandfather) or I could just walk by myself in all my glory.

    - NO sermon

    - Officiator may NOT adlib more than one sentence

    - Bride and Groom Jump the Broom as first step of Recession

    - Tunnel of Swords ends Recession

    - Vows: Include things like "Partner in Mischief", "staunchest supporter and greatest adversary"

    - Vows: Instead of "Do you take this man/woman to be...?" use "Do you accept this man/woman's vows?"

    - Have ordurves out for guests while bridal party stays back at wedding site for pictures

    - Sit down dinner

    - No Open Bar

    - Dance Floor with Swing Band and "Band in a box" two switch off every half hour so all kinds of music is played for dancing, or a DJ like at Pat and Jen's wedding.


Mothers' Entrance: "Turn Around (Where Are You Going, My Little One)" - tentative
Wedding Party's Entrance:   "An Old Fashioned Love Song" - tentative
Bride's Entrance: "Here Comes the Bride" (Wedding March/Marriage of Figaro)
Recession: "Wedding March/Marriage of Figaro"
New Couple's First Dance: "And Then He Kissed Me" - tentative
Father-Bride Dance: "Butterfly Kisses" (my Dad Hates this song... find another)
Mother-Groom Dance: undecided
Other Songs to be Incorperated: "Fools Rush In"
"Don't Know Much"
"Here and Now"
"Power of Love"
"Said I Loved You, But I Lied"
"I Love You" performed by Climax Blues Band


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