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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

 January 26,1994 - "Bloodshed" (Yeah, more writting I've done on this topic)

Jennifer German
January 26,1994
History Essay

      Life is too fragile and too precious to destroy without a second thought. There are only two instances in which an evil is great enough that it requires bloodshed. One is to defend against an attacker, and the other is to keep a discriminatory group from controlling the World.
      Attacking is a great enough evil to require bloodshed while defending against an attacker, but only as a last resort. All attempts should be made to keep the attacker from attacking before killing is used. If everyone were to defend there would be no one left to attack and no blood would be shed.
      Hitler is the only other evil that has been great enough to require death and bloodshed. He could not be trusted to keep an agreement. He continued to seize control of land after he promised not to take any more once he owned part of Poland. He couldn't be reasoned with because he believed religiously that Whites with blond hair, blue eyes, etc., were superior. He persecuted and executed innocent people, especially Jews, just because they weren't White Christians. Someone having a different belief, lifestyle, or characteristic is not enough to justify killing him or her. Even these reasons are not enough to call for the death of millions in a war.
      World War II had to be fought because of one simple reason: Hitler could not be allowed to control the World like he wanted to. If he was not defeated, or even challenged, life would be terrible for
millions of people today. All peoples without white skin, which is more than half the World's population, would either be persecuted, tortured, or dead. There would be no Jews and probably no other religions except Christian. Only those who had certain characteristics would live happily and comfortably as the superior race of humans.
      World War II should have been the only war ever fought in History. A group of discriminatory people led by a madman were trying to take over the World and needed to be stopped. However, the violence in World War II went way too far. The United States was not justified in dropping the atomic bomb, even if it did end the war.

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