The Past 4 Days

Thursday was the Autumnal Equinox (at 9-ish pm EDT) and here in MI the weather took the change of seasons VERY seriously! We went from 80s and humid on Wed (UCK! YUCK!!!) to 40s in under 12 hours, with daytime rebound only to about 62. I LOVED IT! Crisp 55 degrees, yellow leaves still attached to trees blowing in the wind = Happy.

Thursday I also got the results of my lab tests which added a multivitamin (for iron, Vit C, and Vit D) to the BP medicine change my doctor gave me to start. So relieved my last 2 weeks of symptoms turned out to be so easily fixable!

Friday I “forced” a Family Night:
- Dinner eaten together at the table
- About 30 min of board games (each child picked one, playing both took about 35 min!)
- Family movie or multiple TV episodes we all agree on, while having popcorn, M&Ms, craisins, and potentially any other non-crumbly non-staining dessert. (We watched “Yes Day”)

Saturday morning Aurora climbed in bed with me an cuddled like we used to do when she was 4.

So between enjoying time with my kids (on Sat too), enjoying outside, and finally feeling well, and enjoying my ACNH addiction, I have found it incredibly hard to motivate myself to do school work / stuff recently. *shrugs*

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