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The Past 4 Days

Thursday was the Autumnal Equinox (at 9-ish pm EDT) and here in MI the weather took the change of seasons VERY seriously! We went from 80s and humid on Wed (UCK! YUCK!!!) to 40s in under 12 hours, with daytime … Continue reading

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Aerospace Medicine!

AEROSPACE MEDICINE! It’s a real thing! It’s a real medical residency! I COULD TRAIN TO BE AN ASTRONAUT Dr!!

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Good Dreams

I got to hug my Nana last night, even if she was stretched out taller than normal. I got to hang out with / talk with my Mom last night, even if it was shopping. Good Dreams.

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It’s Not a Heart Attack

Severe fatigue after walking or doing activities of daily living from Thursday evening through Sunday noon. On Saturday morning I suddenly got stabbing pain between my shoulder blades that did not resolve with stretches or laying down. I starting checking … Continue reading

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The Queen Has Died

It doesn’t matter she wasn’t our monarch. She has been Queen Elizabeth my entire life, she’s been Queen Elizabeth my parents’ entire lives. Queen Elizabeth has always been queen of England for three generations. She has been a figure in … Continue reading

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