Second Year About to Start

The break between my last semester of medical school and this first semester of second year of medical school was overall nice. A lot of not nice stuff happened, and I was OH SO BUSY over it, but… I went from
stressed-single-parent-medical-student-worried-about-family to
I-only-care-because-other-people-care-but-I-don’t-really-care to
I-finally-got-enough-rest-that-I’m-tired (it felt akin to when I had hypothermia as a teen and finally got warmed up enough that I felt cold and started shivering). And looking back at pictures and schedule, I got to do a couple things I’d been wanting to for a while (visit King Tut exhibit and donate my 80th pint of blood) and got to visit with people in person who I’d been wanting to meet for a long time (even years for one person!) Me + people I like = good. All’s well that ends well, right?

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