Mother’s Day 2022

Mother’s Day was great! I actually got a really nice prelude on Saturday when I woke up as the girls were both occupied in places they couldn’t see me moving about, so I got a couple hours of quiet me time! Sunday the girls woke me up at the normal weekday morning time with breakfast in bed. Aww. We didn’t make it to church like I had planned, but that was because we changed Mother’s Day plans the day before! After watching church streamed live, we got ready and headed out to Great Lakes Crossing. We went to the MI Legoland Discovery Center! The girls had a great time, BOTH of them said at least twice “this is fun”. :) Ahh, happy. Then we had yummy “bad Chinese” food care of Panda Express, which took over 30 min waiting in line. It was just about worth it! Next was the SeaLife Aquarium. I was pleasantly surprised by how much it had and the variation of viewing opportunities – it even had a touch an anemone tank, though the quarters for most all the water residents were small. Then we went into the mall for dessert – Ms. Field’s cookies! Aurora was starting to have grumpy issues, so I tried to distract her by stopping in Yankee Candle and having the girls test smell most every scent. The trick worked for a short while. Then we needed a bathroom. After that we headed back to the car, but since we passed Cinnabon I got one of those too! It was the dessert I had actually been wanting for Mother’s Day. Lastly I decided to stop in the “Scrubs boutique and more” that was right across from the mall entrance / exit. Yeah… I LOVE these scrubs! Worth the price, and the employee at the store was SUPER helpful – she found a style and size in bottoms and tops that actually fit ME! Great day. :)

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