GREAT morning at school today!

GREAT morning at school today!

I had fun with dead bodies! I got to touch a perfect heart! I got to hold a calvaria (skull cap)! I got to trace the aorta through the diaphragm with my fingers! Did you know your heart sits in a sac that’s physically attached to your diaphragm!? It appears like the diaphragm is the floor of the heart! SO COOL. I remembered so much from my dissection / prosection class last Summer, it was great. I also got to show classmates how to find the renal veins and arteries by identifying the abdominal aorta and IVC, and then following them!

Then I had an awesome time learning how to use an Ultrasound machine! I was so stoked for this lab, I’ve wanted to be able to do Ultrasounds for a looooong time, years and years. We saw kidneys, I got pretty good pretty fast finding them, even the L which is harder because of the Spleen and other stuff. :) Then I wanted to see the heart, and the PA who was assisting our profs whipped off his shirts and lay down so I could! IT WAS AMAZING!!! We got to see the heart pumping, different chambers, I found a septum, and then one of the profs came over and showed me how to use the proper probe for the heart (I was using the abdominal one) AND change the settings on the machine to work betterh AND how to get heart valves to show!! I managed to do it on my own the second time!!! I LOVED IT.

SUCH a great morning! :D

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