Liver Recipies

So, beef liver pudding went well enough that I made it a second time, and when I tested it after cooling out of the oven, I caught myself making the “mmm” noise! :O Therefore, I tried bastardizing another recipe today: rice pilaf with bacon. I turned it into arroz con leche with beef liver. It was nearly good! I’d eat it again no problem too!

The first time, when I tried the liver pudding, it tasted not bad. Not good, but not bad. Like one of those meat dips at a Superbowl party I don’t want to eat and so I bring my own. The liver taste that is so awful was very subtle, and did not linger at all! No after taste!! I was able to eat the liver pudding just fine with tortilla chips, scooping and biting. I had some leftovers from Friday, and on Saturday when I had long run out of time to make dinner, I pulled out the leftover liver pudding, heated it in the microwave, ate it with tortilla chips, and then wanted more when it was gone! :O :O But it takes hours to make liver pudding. So I made another batch, and promptly went to bed.

I was worried while cooking the beef liver rice pilaf with milk as the milk needed frequent stirring and I had used too little water. But I managed to save it, and it was like pretty good!

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