Party Time?

My first “post”-pandemic party (even though the pandemic isn’t over). It was inside. Set up beautifully for the warehouse transformed into baseball / softball practice zone that it was! No one, not one person, wore a mask. But no one was under 12 years old either, except a newborn infant (could not have been more than 2 months old, if that). There was much fantastically tasty Mexican food, most yummy cupcakes, and of course various variations of alcohol for those who partake of such. The surprise 40th birthday party had a successful SURPRISE for the birthday girl :) ! There was much talking and catching up, eating, and dancing. I got to hold (and dance with) a baby, eat yummy delicious dessert, dance to a much updated version of the electric slide, and then dance like no one was watching. I even had a 12 year old dance friend! (As I was the only one requesting “current” popular songs.) A good time was had. It was very unsettling to be using public restrooms without a mask. But I’m glad I went. It’s been too long since I’ve been with the Chicago branch of the family. I was starting to forget what I’ve been missing!

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