My Church’s Perspective

Quotes from today’s sermon and mission trip report that perfectly explain my church’s perspective:
“A mission trip is about doing. It is about action and service.” – Associate Minister, FCC Ann Arbor

The students going on the trip had to explain to their peers they were not going to go around and preach about Jesus:
“No, it’s more of a work trip.”

And one even had to assure their peers this was not because they had done something and needed to earn community service hours.

“Faith, without works, is dead.” – Book of James, chapter 2

“What are you doing to help the poor?” – Catholic Nun to student, who grew up to relay the story at a Cass Community dinner as one that shaped him, which is where our Associate Minister picked it up.

“I want Christians to be equated with a people who help other people because we want to. We help other people because it’s a response to our faith.” – Associate Minister, FCC Ann Arbor

“I’m going to keep working for the day that people assume that Christians on a mission trip are peace keeping servants working for a just world, that we’re not hypocritical pious people with some agenda to push.” – Associate Minister, FCC Ann Arbor

“Put our Faith into Action.” – Associate Minister, FCC Ann Arbor

“How lucky we are to be part of a church that focuses on love and community instead of fear and guilt.” – Student on mission trip

The First Congregational Church of Ann Arbor

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