Mother’s Day

Woke (the 3rd or 4th time) to breakfast in bed: Amber made eggs and toast! Aurora made cereal and banana, lol.

Mother’s Day gifts are fairy suncatchers designed to look like my 2 girls, made by my 2 girls! Also got 2 beautiful homemade cards. Just what I wanted!!! They knew because I told them and set out all the supplies ;)

No brunch this year, and 44 degrees and raining so no outdoor restaurant eating. We did curbside pick up from Madras Marsalas (best Indian in A2) and had the feast at home. Exactly what I wanted!
And, as a reward for not complaining about our mid-day dinner food, and being as good as possible all morning, I pre-bought a Bill Knapps’s chocolate cake (one of the best!). For me, I bought a lemon merengue pie. Also Yum, just what I wanted!

Then outside in the rain for 1/2 hour. Cold, but fun.

Now watching tv, my fav Mother’s Day episodes from Living Single for me, Magic School bus for the girls.

Later, a movie!

It’s a GREAT Mother’s Day. :)

Breakfast in Bed Fairy Suncatchers

Lunch Buffet at Home Pie and Cake

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