First Day of Dissection

I am SO NERVOUS. My dreams last indicated so. But I didn’t feel it until just now while looking up / confirming I know things like pubic tubercle, mid-axillary lines, aponeurosis, inguinal canal vs femoral canal…. I’m worried I’m gonna blank. I’m scared of botching a cut so badly there’s no recovering. This is a human body! It’s not like we can just go out and get a replacement if I screw up!!

I know I’ll be fine. I know there will be help and guidance. But that doesn’t calm my nerves yet. Today is my first time dissecting / prosecting / cutting into a cadaver. A real dead human. As Amber said this morning: “That’s creepy and gross”. It is, and yet also so fascinating! Her “feel better” statement to me was “at least it’s not a living human!” No blood. Whew?

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  1. trekker9er says:

    Courtney Blake
    Sending warm vibes. You got this.

    Katie Colman
    Deep breath and remember that person believed in science so much they gave their Earthly remains so you can learn. So that is the only thing you need to worry about. Learn. No one is going to throw you into the deep end. You’ll always have staff, mentors, cheifs, and even your nurses to assist when you begin. And a little later always check with your patients and fellows what you are doing in that moment, let alone that day. Better to know someone wrote left arm instead of leg but the surgery is on the leg. I have to have a mole removed. It listed my arm and not my right knee. I have lots of little moles so imagine how confusing not finding a lipoma on the surgerical site would be. X(

    Amanda Caruso Bryan
    I’m with Amber :’)

    Barbara Sturgis-Everett
    Every doctor has to start somewhere, Jennifer. So grateful you are working to learn this. <3

    (Uncle)Oreese Collins
    As long as cadaver doesn’t complain things will be fine

    Wendy Appleton
    Emma had one of these!

    Ellen Rambo
    How did it go?

    Jennifer Michelle German
    Ellen Rambo Well! We ended up only having about 15 minutes after orientation was done, so just watched experienced people dissect and asked questions :)

    Robbie Fitzpatrick Sawitski
    Jennifer Michelle German you’ll get your chance! *thumb up* *hug*

    Seth K Rolfe
    You got this

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