Are You Everybody’s Mom?

Last week Aurora asked me, “Are you everybody’s Mom?”

I responded matter-of-factly, “No.” “Well, yes,” I added quietly after a second of hesitation. I tipped my head slightly side to side. “I mean, kinda.”

“Why all the doctors call you Mom?” Aurora asked with near exasperation in her voice. “Tell me why,” she demanded.

I took her on my lap and explained. “You remember when that boy fell off his bike at your school, and his knee was bleeding?” I asked her.

Aurora nodded and responded, “Yes.”

“Well, he needed a Mom at that moment. And I was there. So I was Mom for him.” I paused to make sure she was following me. “I am always your and Amber’s Mama,” I assured her, “but if someone else needs a Mom and I’m there, I will be their Mom too. Just for a little while. Understand?” Aurora nodded. I continued with something to the effect of, “So everyone can call me Mom. Because that’s what I am.”

I think I explained the title / persona of Mom, as opposed to the person who is your own mother, well enough. I assume she got it, because she hasn’t brought up the topic since! Although, knowing Aurora, the fact that she hasn’t been reiterating the point of the conversation over and over probably means she’s already forgotten.

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