Medical school update #1

- TB test done. Huh? What? I need to do 2??
- My Hep B titer came back NOT immune! WHAT?! I have to repeat the vaccine series (3 shots, 6 months apart!). No wait, I get a booster, then retest and see if immunity returns or if I need the series. Or… does anyone actually know what’s going on??
- This D.O. school actually practices what it preaches. We have exercise as part of our class time!!
- Aurora’s surgery went VERY well.
- This stuff is FASCINATING! The things I’m studying. So cool.
- Aurora’s birthday was a success.
- I finally finished the required reading for Week 1! On Saturday evening. Exam is Monday morning. Yay, good.
- Aurora’s birthday “party” was a success.
- OH NO. The self-learning assignments have MORE reading in them. A lot more….
- 6 of 9 self-learning assignments done by 10am Monday. Skipped heart because I know that stuff already, supposedly. Skipped embryology because so much feedback from classmates saying the topic was poorly done and they didn’t understand it anyway.
- Exam done. OMG. Good job brain! I gave it calm and time, and it pulled out information from 12 years ago when I was studying to be an EMT!! *pats brain*
- Only brief time to stop. Quiz in other class tomorrow. Brain said “No more input.” Unexpected nap ensued instead.
- Wow, so much I learned in MEDPREP comes back upon studying now. Nice. I know this stuff!
- Yeah, I aced that quiz. Pretty sure.
- I PASSED the exam! I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy for a 72% LOL *sings* I pa-assed. I pa-assed. I, I, I, I pa-assed.
- Writing this update instead of doing the last self-learning assignment from LAST week. Still need to start on this week’s required reading. If I start it tomorrow, I’ll be 1 day ahead of where I was last week…. Gotta catch up so I have a buffer in case something (life) happens.

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