Giving Myself a Break

I remember a post, I believe it was shared by Erin, in which the final message was:
- if you hate the world and everything for no specific reason, you need to eat
- if you think everyone hates you, or think no one likes you, even your friends, you need to sleep.

Yesterday I was feeling the latter about my Train Like an Astronaut at Home series. One thumbs down on one of my videos, and I went into a slow spiral of self-doubt and other feelings about all I had given up in my last free week of life before Medical school starts by staying up WAY to late multiple nights in a row and using all my free time (and some time I was supposed to be paying attention to other things) doing work for each day’s session.

Finally, I remembered the above post, and decided to give myself a break. Last night I went to bed 3 1/2 hours earlier than I have the last 3 nights. Slept 10 hours, with about 5 minutes awake time in there. I feel much better!

And so, I’ve decided my needed break is not over yet. I need a day off. Therefore, session 4 is postponed until tomorrow. And session 5 is postponed until Saturday.

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