Luna Saves the Family

Here it is. Posted only to you two (Em and Jericho). Any corrections needed?


This is a story about Luna, a YYY house cat. Luna had 1 adopted feline sibling, 2 adopted canine siblings, and 8 humans: 2 humans that fed and cared for her, and 6 humans that fawned over her and played with her. Occasionally the youngest would pull her tail too hard, but she excused the behavior because that human was a baby and hadn’t learned any better yet.

Late one night, Luna was walking about her house making sure all was in order, when she saw big trouble in the kitchen. She ran to the sleeping room of her primary human, Emily, and called out loudly to wake her. Emily only rolled over and went back to sleep. Luna jumped up on Emily, but thinking that Luna had simply caught and killed a mouse Emily pushed Luna off her. “I’ll clean it up in the morning,” Emily mumbled. Luna knew she had to wake this stupid human, so she jumped back up on Emily and clawed her feet. Finally Emily dragged herself up out of bed.

Luna jumped down and posted herself at the sleeping room entrance to protect the other humans still in there. She loudly told Emily to hurry up. The human was walking too slow! Finally she saw Emily make it to the kitchen. Emily then saw what Luna had seen:

A fire! Emily was awake now and finally started moving quickly! The fire proved too big to be put out by the human. So Luna and Emily hurried to warn the others. Luna moved from her post at the sleeping room entrance to jump up on the 2 oldest human children. She was about to wake them when Emily returned and rousted them instead. Emily sent them to rescue the 2 middle human children. Luna attempted to save her feline sibling, but he had already fled outside in fear. Didn’t even try to help the others! So Luna decided to stay with Emily. Emily lifted the 2 baby humans and ran outside. Emily then had to go back into the house to save the 2 canine siblings. Ugh, dogs…. Luna stayed outside with the human children.

A neighbor took in the humans, which is where Emily was able to call for the fire department. After seeing the children were safe, Emily came back outside. Luna and Emily watched as their house burned. They worried about Jericho, Luna’s secondary human who was not home because he worked third shift. Without Emily’s cell phone, there was no way to contact him to let him know what was happening and that his family was all safe. He came home to lights and trucks and fire, and was understandably afraid. But Emily found him quick and he joined them on the neighbor’s lawn.

Luna, Emily, and Jericho watched as the fire department destroyed everything, burned and unburned, with water while bringing the fire under control and putting it out. All the family had left was what was in the car and the little storage barn. But, thanks to Luna, they all survived. They still had each other.

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  1. trekker9er says:

    Em Chappell-Root
    Corrections: Tegrim and Rory were in my room, the other four were in the living room on the other side of the flames. Luna came down the hallway with us when I got Tegrim, who carried Rory, past the flames. Then we got the other four kids up and out the door and Luna went out with us. The kitten was in the crate so I had to get him, we only had Sunny, I forgot that Trunks was already deceased at that time. I carried Sunny and the kitten Star out at the same time, Luna stood on the front steps to the sidewalk until the fire trucks arrived then she took off across the road to the field.

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