Grocery Shopping

Two weeks ago today, I was so excited to go grocery shopping. I was free! I was out of the house without any kids! But that excitement only lasted a moment. The new rules at the grocery store, and the complete disregard of them by about half of the shoppers, made things VERY stressful. It’s my turn to go shopping again now, and while I do look forward to being out of the house for up for 2 hours, I very much do not look forward to the shopping experience this time.

Katie Colman
I completely understand Jennifer and Heaven forbid you request someone to step out of the space they aren’t suppose to be in or try to tell them the mask has to go over the nose too. -_-

Cindy Taylor
Maybe the safe shopping practices have gotten better since you last shopped. They have improved dramatically around here .

Rone Thompson

Colette Kenville
I’m with you! Not my favorite thing to do now.

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