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Okay, self-care request time.

Will you please send me a Mother’s Day card? PM me for address.

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“Guilt” Buying

I am starting to guilt buy for the kids. Not that I did anything I feel guilty about. Nor that I feel guilty for not being able to reopen daycare / school, the library, the playground, play dates, and everything … Continue reading

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Grocery Shopping

Two weeks ago today, I was so excited to go grocery shopping. I was free! I was out of the house without any kids! But that excitement only lasted a moment. The new rules at the grocery store, and the … Continue reading

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The cavalry is coming!

The cavalry is coming! Our Girl Scout cookies have shipped!!! :D :D

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Bathing Way Old School

Not at all short version of why my children bathed way old school style last night: Tuesday evening, Michael and I are in the basement trying to track down one of the ant entrances into the house, and we hear … Continue reading

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I realized today that trips to the library have now been replaced with trips to the blue mailbox. (To mail letters. And trips to the black mailbox to check for new mail!)

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Things I have fixed while here this extended stay

- kitchen inside cabinet drawer – thermostat date setting – couch pillow hole, causing pillow to loosing stuffing – many vines growing on deck (Michael has done this in years past) – replaced paper towel holder that Rebecca intensely disliked … Continue reading

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I Will Miss This

While I will be relieved, and happy to be able to live at my home and go out, (and my aching foot can feel better, and we won’t be sleeping in and I won’t be working in perpetual cold), when … Continue reading

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Aurora would like some mail, please. If you can send her a card, PM me for the address. (And Amber too, but I made this request because I knew Amber was about to get a couple cards.)

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Our Solar System by Backyard Astronomy Guy

Fellow SSA Backyard Astronomy Guy assembled this graphic from pictures he personally has taken over the years. And it’s AMAZING! (FAQ: Where’s Earth? Answer: Since he can’t take a picture of Earth from Earth, he put the Moon in its … Continue reading

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