Is There Anything You Need or Want?

After I had gotten the last item I was going to buy for, and I thought we were now settled into, our COVID-19 shut down life, I asked Amber if there was anything she could think of that she needed or wanted for our temporary living situation. She replied, “Not really. I just want a happy Easter.”

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One Response to Is There Anything You Need or Want?

  1. trekker9er says:

    Christina Chung
    We are still having a Easter here. The tooth fairy and Easter Bunny are essential.

    Jennifer Michelle German
    Oh, yes. We have our Easter baskets, egg dying kits, an egg hunt is planned, and the Easter bunny made sure to stock up before the shut down – just in case. I was going to offer facilitation of the Easter bunny for others, but then lock down went into place.

    However, the tooth fairy coins are one of the few things that got forgotten. And Amber has 2 loose teeth *eek*

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