Tell Them About Valentine’s Day As a Child

I Love this. I Love all of this.

I was just thinking this week – while watching Amber hand make valentines for every person in her class, and helping Aurora write her name on store bought valentines for all those in hers – about how much I used to dislike Valentine’s Day. I never had a glittering heart insult valentine, so not as mean as for this author. No, I was the kind of girl that got no valentines at all. I didn’t fully care that I didn’t get any from boys. But it was so hurtful that I didn’t get any from girls that were supposedly my friends. I ended up not handing out any, because why give valentines to people who get enough that yours doesn’t matter AND they don’t give you one back?

I won’t, and don’t, force my girls to give valentines, or invite everybody to their parties. But if they choose to give out valentines, then I require they give them to everyone. If they invite more than the 1 or 2 best friend(s) from their class to a party, then they are required to invite either A) All girls in the class and no boys, B) All boys in the class and no girls (this case has not come up yet! lol), C) All students in the class. I will not have my girls making someone else feel like I did, not on my watch.

Hmm, maybe I need to start telling them my story too.

Perspective: Valentine’s Day was humiliating for me as a child. I tell my students about it every year.

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