Shower Drops

I have memory of being a child in the apartment that was a 2nd story flat on Sunset Rd, so I was 7 to 11 years old, and getting ready to take a shower. I would turn on the shower then lay down along side the “tub” on the bath mat, which was actually a towel that matched the bathroom towel set, but a little less thick and with serged edges all around, in the size and shape of a bath mat. I laid down on this bath mat towel with the shower running, the shower curtain open, and my head closest to the end of “tub” away from the shower head. While I waited for the water to warm up, I would feel the little drops that bounced out of the shower fall on my skin. Mostly on my face. I vividly remember the tag on that bath mat, which sat just above my eyes, in front of my forehead as I lay. It was white and read “COLORS”, with the C in red, the first O in orange, the L in yellow, the second O in green, the R in blue, and the S in purple. All these colors were strong and bold versions of themselves. I looked at the tag every time I lay feeling water drops while waiting for the shower to warm up. But the point was to feel the water drops. I remember that it was most always a nice moment.

This is a really fond memory that resurfaced a few months ago. Last month it kept coming to mind, so much that I wanted to do it again. Problem is, my bathroom shower has doors that only let half of it be open at one time, and the toilet is positioned right outside the door that is a the end opposite the shower head. So I have to curl up in order to fit (I’m also much taller than I was in my memory!), and I’m laying in the wrong direction. BUT, I finally got a chance to do it with the girls’ bathroom, which is longer, has a real bathtub, and the toilet is not crammed in. Only problem is, the bathtub has high sides, so very little water was able to bounce out!

All in all, I’ve been able to recreate my childhood memory well enough. Of course I don’t have the COLORS bath mat. But the rest of it I can get close to with a little ingenuity. :)

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