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An Ordinary Mom

“Nobody else is stronger than I am. Yesterday I moved a mountain. I bet I can be your hero. I am” an ordinary Mom. (Adaptation of “Mighty Little Man”)

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Singing and Dancing

Got an email from MSU this morning, that starts, “Congratulations, Student Doctor German!” I, of course, started singing, and then dancing. :) I sang “I’m gonna be a doctor” to this “tune” while doing this dance:

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It is done.

It is done. I have bent Amazon to my will.

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WHY won’t U of M just send me a rejection already?!? The suspense is AGGRAVATING!

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To Write

I want to write. I’m ready to write! I’m in the mood to write!! I have to work… :(

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Well Done!

The girls are watching Mary Poppins. I always liked this song. I came to appreciate it more the older I got (the more I understood history and the world). Can’t think of a better song for today’s times: Cast off … Continue reading

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2019, what a year. Reeling from my Mom’s death, I still managed to pull all As and 1 B+ in my Postbac MEDPREP program at U of M. Due to having to drop a required lab last Fall, and not … Continue reading

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WHY can’t I get myself to write?!? *sigh*

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It feels weird to be well.

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I’ll Be Here Yet Another Day

Yesterday (Sunday), I woke to the sounds of dry heaving from child 2. About 45 minutes ago I was woken by child 1 telling me she threw up in bed. Y’all have a nice day!

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