The Trickiest Part

The trickiest part about fighting depression is being able to tell the difference between having fought tooth and nail to climb the sheer wall up towards the way out, stabbing a tentative handhold with each tooth and nail, pulling yourself up one inch before stabbing with your other hand to try and force another handhold to exist, unable to see even a couple feet below you to know where to put your feet for support, and coming to a point where your body, brain, and whole being are demanding / begging for a moment’s rest – being able to tell the difference between that point and the depression having silently caught up to you, rested itself oh so slightly at the base of the back of your neck, and is now whispering gently in your mind that you aren’t going to do that right now, and that’s okay, you deserve a rest, and then covering you in the warm blanket of depression you spent days or even weeks climbing out of.

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