Pam Rogers

I found out a few hours ago that Pam Rogers, Amy’s Mom, passed away and her funeral was this past Thursday (8/1). I am so saddened by this. Mom Rogers is gone. But I find myself also mourning that I am not grieving her as much as I should have been. She was supposed to have been my 2nd mother.* Now I keep wondering, is it better I was spared loosing two mothers in under a year?

* Amy and I were best friends for 10 years, 1st day of 7th grade to the August after we graduated college. She was supposed to have been my tried and true BFF. She knew me better than I knew myself – or so we thought. Then I forced her to let me go in a way that she deemed unforgivable. A couple times Mom Rogers tried to help me mend the rift, but Amy would have none of it. I lost not just her, but her family too.

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